Aug 04

Layla Curtis

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On the back wall of Rhodes & Mann there’s something which looks like a family tree. On closer inspection, it seems to be some kind of typology, lists of related things. A little list of love-related things, a little list of war-related things, some sex-related, some work-related, you get the idea. And some of the things could be placenames. All of them could be place names…

On the other walls are maps, real-looking but unfamiliar, maps of places I don’t know. Looking closer, each map is a cut-up of untold other maps, assembled on the organising principle of the related place-names as set out in the family tree. Here’s the rudest one

I liked these a lot: these dream landscapes set my imagination racing far harder than any amount of goblin-infested nonsense. I started thinking about the relationships between a place’s culture and its name, and I allowed myself a cheap titter at the thought of what posessed people to give certain names to their homes.

A bit of a dream and a dirty laugh: it hardly seems reasonable to ask for more.

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