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Comics N Music

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Comics N Music: This is something I posted to I Love Comics this morning and I liked it so will shamelessly repost it here. The question was about musical analogies for comics.

EC = rock and roll
monster comics = “Louie Louie”
Silver Age DC = tin pan alley
Silver Age Marvel = Beatlemania
Steranko = Dylan
Englehart/Denny O Neil etc = west coast hippie culture, Doors etc.
Cerebus = Stockhausen’s Licht remade by Todd Rundgren (some things are difficult to parallel)
Fumetti = Reggae
IPC kids comics = 70s bubblegum
Marvel under Shooter = big production 80s pop
Action! / 2000AD = PUNXOR ROXOR (UK version!)
RAW = No Wave (Spiegelman = Thurston Moore)
Waid/Busiek/Ross = alt.country (Peter David = power pop)
80s indie comix = 80s indie obv.
Heavy Metal = duh, specifically in its 80s twiddly pomp (massively intricate brushwork/solos in the service of TITS and DEMONS!)
Image = teen pop! (this doesn’t quite work. The alternative is Todd=Kurt Jim Lee=Vedder Rob Liefeld=him out of Silverchair or someone.)
Alan Moore = Eno (sorry Matt)
Grant Morrison = rave (I actually said that JLA was comics techno in the Edinburgh Review once, and got paid for doing so.)
Neil Gaiman = ok I’m stumped. But nothing good! (oh actually I have just horribly realised that NG is MORRISSEY)

Comics is still awaiting its hip-hop. Sadly.

That last sentence is poppycock though. MANGA DOODZ. Which makes Image rap-metal obviously and appropriately.

In another post I have asserted the cosmic truth that Eagle Photo Stories are the New Romantics.

Oh and Commando Picture Library = pub rock or Oi! depending on whether you are some kind of PINKO or not.

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