Jul 04

Vodou Nation

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Vodou Nation is essentially an allegorical rock opera about Haiti’s troubled past, from the slave rebellion and the founding of the first independent black state, to the continuing struggle against leaders corrupted by money, alcohol and sex. High-energy set pieces use music, dance, costume, masks, video projection and props to give a taste of the psychedelic stew that is Haitian culture. Some of the symbolism is obvious to say the least – female dancers representing Serenity, Courage and Wisdom revive the bodies of dead slaves that they may rise up against their colonial oppressors, a beast with a Stars and Stripes tail forces back a boatful of fleeing Haitians – while some of it means nothing to those ignorant of the specific cultural and religious objects of Vodou. But the whole cast is hugely fit, energetic and talented, although the Bono-esque vocalist with RAM (‘Haiti’s foremost Vodou rock band’) strikes an unfortunately MOR note. Highly recommended for anyone teaching post-colonialism to bored students, anyway…

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