May 04


The Brown Wedge • 952 views


The fog of depression from earlier has lifted slightly although the muscles in my legs still aren’t working. The small press in the UK is vibrant and alive, with a hundred different kinds of animal battling in friendly competition to bring you the reader the greatest comics achievable by the hand of man. The ‘mainstream’ dealers huddle at the sides like mystery fish, unable to bring in the thrills, while the middle of the floor is reserved for the visionaries. Talks are sent to the Ramada, five minutes walk away, like lepers. SOLAR WIND in particular – ‘Yesterday’s comic today at tomorrow’s prices’ – is a delight to the mind. You can take a look at it here. Also, I suggest you take time to check out Arthur Wyatt’s doings – another small press guru who’s developing a network of all the people who should be in comics but aren’t. Go on! Order your copies!

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