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Is it really true that British comics are more exciting than American ones? Is it an established fact that being forced by a heartless green being to tell a story in as little as two or three pages can make writers up to four times as interesting as their counterparts across the Atlantic – who have the opposite problem of filling out 24 pages, often with meaningless bumph? Can you really fit four Future Shocks and a Captain Klep into a US comic and still have room to spare?

Thanks to THE LOSERS I can tell you now that the answer is yes. This has not stopped hurtling forward at a momentum the human frame was not meant to bear since it started.

Pick up a copy of Superman or Batman or whatever the fan-favourite-of-the-nanosecond is and watch the story not move, as the writing committee struggles to keep the boring status quo in place month after month, year after year, with even the reorganisation of the universe a temporary, piffling event to be realigned whenever it pleases the most 40-year-olds… then pick up LOSERS and watch as Diggle savagely tears the whole thing apart at the end of issue #3, making the reader gasp and wet himself. It’s hard to believe it’s only issue #3, mind, because reading an issue of THE LOSERS is like reading three comics – you get that much for your money. And it’s like reading those three comics at once. In pill form. It’s that good.

And as for Jock‘s art – there is nothing like this available anywhere else. The aforementioned end of issue #3 left the brains of a close friend burst and oozing out over a pub table, eyeballs shattered by the sheer excellence, and he didn’t even like comics. Although he does now, after they repaired what was left of his psyche with ugly clamps.

The only way this comic could be better is if it was collected into an affordable TPB. Oh look!

And we’re only at number 5 in the Top Ten!

(on a side note – I’m very sorry that we’re only up to number 5 in the top ten. However, new comics are available at Beatniks-A-Go-Go if that helps…)

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