Pwc10 Group D

Apr 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Serbia 1 Australia 1

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Serbia have nothing to play for but pride, but Serbia is a proud nation and manager Tim E is a proud fellow, so their hearts will be on their sleeves. Australia still have a slim chance of qualification – Chris B and his team need to win, and win well, and hope that Germany sink to a defeat by Ghana. Then it’d be down to vote difference…

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 14th April

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Germany 1

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Ghana have qualified for the next round with a very impressive 100% record, and we are all already sick of the press jokes about their manager living the high life. Andrew H’s Germany need to beat Ben Graham’s mighty Ghana team to have any hope of qualifying, so will be hoping to face a weakened Ghana keeping their undoubted energies in reserve for the knockout stages.

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 14th April

Mar 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Germany 1 Serbia 0

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Sorry about the slight problem there, but here’s the fourth match in Group D, which sees Germany trying to end plucky Serbia‘s PWC dreams and send them home. But will it be that straightforward?

Voting in this match closes at midnight on 25th March

Mar 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 4 Australia 3

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(due to technical issues we’re swapping the two group d games round, Germany vs Serbia tomorrow hopefully)

And welcome back to Group D where the current leaders Ghana take on Australia, who’ll be looking for their first win to help them out of the group. A real contrast of styles here today…

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 24th March.

Feb 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Australia 1 Germany 1

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Group D’s second match sees Andrew Hickey’s Germany side take on Chris Burlingame’s Australia. Germany have a chequered recent record at this level but they’ll be expecting to get out of the group stage. The Poperoos will be looking to improve on their group stage exit in 2006.

Anyone can vote – a team needs 58% or more to win – and the match will end at midnight on the 25th.

Feb 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Serbia 0

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A quick check of the FIFA site says I’ve been promoting the Group D clashes in the wrong order – so today it’s Serbia taking on Ghana in the group opener. Ghana are managed by Ben Graham, and Serbia‘s gaffer is Tim Emanuel. Both countries made it through the group stage last time (Serbia still in a pop federation with Montenegro) so expectations are high, even in this strong group.

Also, a quick clarification on the SCORING RULES since I haven’t mentioned them since the first match. To get a win and 3 points, you need to get 58% or more of the vote. 43-57 gets you a draw and 1 point. 42 or less is a defeat. Final group positions are decided based on the points, then on cumulative percentage over the 3 games, then on votes. Phew! Anyone can vote, and this match ends at midnight on the 24th February.