Jan 11

Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 33-23

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Only two chunks to go now – up tomorrow and Friday – so feel free to offer any predictions for the Top 10 in the comments.

33. WAKA FLOCKA FLAME – “Hard In Da Paint”: High-aggro Atlanta hip-hop, probably the most in-your-face track on this year’s list. What I like about this is how the vocal line has been basically exploded, every word surrounded by a shrapnel cloud of syllables.

32. KATY PERRY – “Teenage Dream”: Not a fan of this. The unsubtle style she (and Dr Luke) uses worked OK on dumb summer fun but falls flat when she’s meant to be reflective or inspiring. But obviously several of you thought this was triffic, so over to you, commenters!

Jan 11

Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 43-34

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Right, the little matter of the lost ballots has been resolved and we can march on.

43. SLEIGH BELLS – “Tell Em”: This is from my favourite album of the year but the songs from it definitely work best for me as part of their own little world. But this is at the very least a good introduction to what the band do.

42. TENSNAKE – “Coma Cat”: A club anthem of 2010, it sez here. Big euphoric vocal-sample house of the sort that seems to have always been around. The link is to the radio edit, the longer one is on Spotify I believe.

Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 54-44

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NOW UPDATED WITH “LOST BALLOT” RESULTS! Second instalment of the readers poll – now we’re into the Top 50 proper I’ll be linking the tracks to their YouTube vids, and I’ve put what’s on Spotify into the playlist.

54. JUSTIN BIEBER ft LUDACRIS – “Baby”: This video is closing in on half a billion YouTube views, and with three million comments must be in with a shout as the most commented on thing on the Internet. Underneath the online ubiquity is a sweet little song, worth it if only to see Ludacris on his very best behaviour around the little ones.

Jan 11

Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 112-55

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Thanks so much to everyone who send me their lists of Tracks of the Year: we had over 40 entries in the end, which makes this the biggest such poll I’ve done. We had over 500 nominated songs, with 139 of them getting more than one vote.

You’re a diverse bunch and nobody, me included, will like everything that placed in the poll. But the point is to hear things you hadn’t already, which is why I’m going to post the Top 100 here. Here are the first 50. Ordering this low down might as well be arbitrary (i.e. my system for doing it is consistent but too boring to explain) but pretend it isn’t in the comments if you like. I’ve not sourced videos for this lot, but there is a Spotify playlist with most of them, which I’ll update with the rest of the poll.