Pavement Butterfly

Apr 11

Film 2Oh!!: Steven Malkmus Covering Crazy Town

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I’ve seen 73 films this year and have written about 7 of them. Can I catch up?

7: Pavement Butterfly (Großstadtschmetterling) (British Silent Film Festival)

I’m pretty oblivious and forthright when it comes to expounding opinions. In the end the most important thing to me is how I respond there and then to what is on the screen. This is a preamble to say that the one group of films I feel distinctly unprepared to talk about are silents. Which is possibly why I have been pushing my comfort zone and seen seven silent films already this year (and have a target of fifteen). Which has doubled the number I have seen in my life, and some of those had me along for the Pet Shop Boys rather than the Odessa Steps. (I am very much looking forward to the new print of Battleship Potemkin coming soon though).