May 10

Brique de St Jean, Lingot de St Nicholas, Ossau Iraty (cheesy lovers #79, #80, #81)

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I can't find a picture of this cheese anywhere. Here's a cute baby goat instead!

Brique de St Jean

A small goat’s cheese from France, bought from Mons

We have half a brick of this pale goat’s cheese. It’s covered in a velvety, slippery, cream-and-white Geotrichum-wrinkled rind (reminding co-cheese-scoffer Sarah of brain). Inside, it’s soft and white, chalky towards the centre and slippery and liquid underneath the rind.

It’s smooth, and melts quickly, slightly grainily, in my mouth. It’s wonderfully sweet and milky, a touch almondy, soft and comforting, with just the slightest hint of a green, bitter spinachy leafiness. Sarah takes huge snout-filling sniffs of this cheese’s delicate fragrance, and declares it the winner of the Best Smelling Cheese Award.