Aug 08

Olympic Fashion Watch: ARCHERY

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Taking time out from my dedicated swimming coverage, I caught a bit of the women’s archery last night. The Koreans totally dominate this sport – possibly because the opposition take one look at them and their jaws drop to the floor:

Women's Archery

Yun Ok-Hee here is modelling a PINK bow, and a cartoon panda chest guard!

I think I might take up archery!


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    i love all the aerials and other guided-missile nonce-sense that modern bows have on them


  2. 2
    Ben on 15 Aug 2008 #

    My god, their kit has been designed by Hello Kitty. Whose idea was that? Jeez.

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    c on 15 Aug 2008 #

    & park sung-hyun, her teammate, rocks a winnie the pooh vest to match.

    (wait is the hello kitty thing an actual statement of fact or just ‘hello kitty’ standing in for azn cute design? The design doesn’t have much in common with kittychan… Only if sanrio really were designing for teams which weren’t japanese it would be kind of interesting to follow up.)

  5. 5
    CarsmileSteve on 15 Aug 2008 #

    the koreans are total RULERS of archery though, so maybe sanrio just want to be associated with teh winners. but as you say, it doesn’t look *that* hellokittyish…

  6. 6
    lex on 15 Aug 2008 #

    not any more, a Chinese girl just wrested the women’s individual gold from the Koreans…still, totally awesome. I think I read somewhere a Korean archer claiming that genetically, Koreans have more sensitive hands or something.

  7. 7
    Kat but logged out innit on 15 Aug 2008 #

    Yeah, Korea’s won pretty much everything for the last 20 years. Until yesterday.

    You know what the panda looks like? The bear from Kokoro Scan!

  8. 8
    Michael Lee on 16 Aug 2008 #

    Now, I’m confused – I watch the Olympic coverage here in Australia…there are other countries participating? We haven’t seen any of them. What is this Korea you speak of?

  9. 9
    Devils_Emporium on 18 Nov 2008 #

    Hmm, an interesting outfit which I assume is built for the sport itself? As you say the Koreans are masters at archery and other sports of course but looking like this they are sure nice to watch! Accurist Watches

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