Jan 05

“Top of the league, and we’re having a laugh…”

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“Top of the league, and we’re having a laugh…”

Actually, I wasn’t. You could not call me a fairweather fan, considering that the first Barnet game I went to was on one of the coldest days of the year. Nevertheless I am an occasional traveler to Underhill, home of the currently surprisingly mighty Barnet, and went to see the team who have taken the Conference by storm.

Well the storm was all down the other end on this visit, and considering this is a partisan match report from the Barnet website, we really were terrible. Football supporters are a superstitious mob, and my occasional visits have not made me keen for a return visit. But the Exeter Barnet game is not far off and I hope I do not bring the team bad luck again. My companion felt the game showed exactly the quality of the Conference. He is a Man Utd fan, and will be facing a conference team in five days time. But more of that to come…

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