Nov 05

A Change is Gonna Come

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The most minor of all irritants, picture the scene: I, the consumer, have made my way to the till with my purchase. Having handed over my e.g. tenner, I am waiting for a receipt and some change in return. But how does the cashier present this to me, reader? Why, she forms a precarious CHANGE MOUNTAIN, of course, which she then artlessly balances on top my receipt and/or notes and THRUSTS ONTO MY PALM!

Completely oblivious to the fact that this veritable Everest is out of thumb-securing reach AND that my other hand (of TWO) is occupied with my purchase, this cashier has dropped me right into a dillemma: Do I attempt to make it out of the shop, no doubt spilling coppers all over the floor and, thereby holding up the queue and suffering total embarrassment OR do I drop everything onto the counter and attempt to stuff change into my wallet in a panic, thereby holding up the queue and suffering total embarrassment??

Life is full of such trials. But what is the solution?

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