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Both sides of the river are full of chicken shops, YESNO? In fact so much so you can barely go two yards without falling over a battered box of bones, YESNO? South London has many chains, independent chicken shops and KFCs. A particular favourite is MORLEYS CHICKEN SHOP. A classic red-top, goes good RIBS and always have a fruit machine in the corner (if you like that sort of thing).

But can you find one in North London? NO!!! North London is full of white and blue tops, strange ‘kebab’ shops which offer OVEN BAKED CHICKEN – err like whatever dudes, but if you want a Morleys – you gotta cross that river. It’s as if the psychic divide of a City has manifested itself in the shape of squat red buildings selling VOODOO BONES, representing the feisty Southern yoof versus the civilised three-wheeled buggies of the North!! Morleys chicken shops are the KEY TO TIME!!! If a Morleys were to open North of the river, it would be like a voodoo terrorist psychogeographical act that would bring the City to it’s knees! For god’s sake, the equilibirium must be maintained!!!

For the moment, we appear to be safe. However, Northerners, if you see the red buildings start to form in your area… it will be the beginning of the war…



  1. 1
    2darts on 7 Oct 2006 #

    Cool write up about Morleys. I’m a newly converted Morleys. I’ve just been writing about my first experience that happened last night. Begin the invasion!!!! One day, Morleys will be the Wimpy of the fried chicken world.

  2. 2
    Elle on 8 Jul 2008 #

    Lol. Morley’s will never cross the border because – let’s be honest – North Londoners are too posh to pick up such greasy fried fat things, no matter how good they taste. KFC is only acceptable (just!) to the posh ones because it is, if you may, a foreign import, from America which most of North London WORSHIPS (American Apparel, A&F and a few of those American Chain shops which are about ten times the price in our dear city than they are in their country of origin… next its American Eagle, I swear)

    Anyhus… Morley’s is too good for the North :P

  3. 3
    lala on 8 Mar 2009 #

    nah north london has samssss dammit. keep ur skudd souf london greasy chicken fingers away from our endsssss loooool

    cant believe theres even a thread about this!

  4. 4
    bigboy lovejoy on 12 May 2009 #

    south south south london, MFC chicken, you can stick your f***in bagels up your a**e

  5. 5
    Ebert on 21 Jul 2009 #

    North London is full of “Perfect Fried Chicken” shops. London’s poshness is so hypocritical. All you need to forget your free-range organic snobbery is a few drinks. Britain loves greasy takeaways, but does not want to accept it.

  6. 6
    Chewshabadoo on 22 Jul 2009 #

    It’s all about the Shalamar – just a shame you have to go to Clapham to go to it.

  7. 7
    vale on 4 Feb 2010 #

    does anyone know when the first morelys shop opened

  8. 8
    sam on 7 Mar 2010 #

    I grew up on sams in north, now im in south and its morleys for me, north london does chicken just as well

  9. 9
    MrDavePanda on 13 Aug 2013 #


    moved to north london and grew up south.
    Nostalgic feelings towards Morleys.
    I NEED IT!!
    Its a shame that they are all down south..
    must cross the river!!

  10. 10
    Irfan on 17 Dec 2016 #

    Been living north of the river for the last 10 years. Moving back down south and can’t wait to get some Morleys and Dallas chicken. When it comes to food in general, I have to Say South London is on point with the variety and quality. From Fried chicken to Caribbean etc. North London is great for Turkish food and Hip burger joints but south London has it all!

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