Sep 05


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ok i am PSYCHED yet SPOOKED!!

i. afflicted as i still am by CüRSE of CRåZYFRøG ear, i hunted round various “health” shops this mornin for an EAR CANDLE, but to no avail
ii. then i wz havin lunch w.sistrah becky and quizzed her abt ear candles
iii. she wz not sure she had heard of them, and said “is it like a birthday candle you put in yr ear and light? you’d have thought that would ADD to the wax not diminish it”
iv. then talk moved onto other things and i wz telling an important story and she wz gazin listlessly out the window over my shoulder
v. when her EYES went WIDE and she said “oh my god!! look over there – ” at a small chinese medicine shop across the road ” – can you seewhat i see? or is it a trick off the light off that picture?”
vi. it was NOT the light it was THIS ADVERT

vii. so now i know what i will be doing this EVENING!!
viii. and i will blog the lightly charred results on PROVEN BY SCIENCE very soon

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