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Jan 05

In January 2005 Blog 7 was a blog about resolutions.

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In January 2005 Blog 7 was a blog about resolutions.

This month I resolved to abolish a tube station.

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This month I resolved to abolish a tube station. Tooting Broadway, you are dead to me. Well, almost dead. Ailing, maybe.

The idea was to walk a bit more, combined with a general tendency to eat a bit less. From that point of view, it’s been a great success. Lots of hearty treks across town, admittedly with a tendency to end in a licensed premises. The specific idea of adding an extra 30 minutes walk each day by ignoring Tooting Broadway has been less well honoured, mostly because I’m chronically late as it is. On the way home I’ve ended up walking a bit, though given how awful the Northern Line is at the moment there’s a suspicion I would have done anyway.

Do I feel better? Hard to say. After congratulating myself on a largely sickness-free 2004 the last week found me the roughest I’ve been for a few years – walking was the last thing on my mind. But I have enjoyed walking, that extra time to myself to think a little. I cautiously feel that the foundations for better behaviour are being successfully laid.

Jan 05

the upside of scientific january dieting

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the upside of scientific january dieting

Jan 05


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Post more often again, the holidays were full, this past month has been full, but there are various nice new developments in life in general for me as well as oodles of new music etc. Still wish I could do eight things at once, though.

Jan 05

Resolved: Visit one new (to me) football ground a month

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Resolved: Visit one new (to me) football ground a month

Teams: Leyton FC vs Wealdstone
League: Ryman Premier
Entry Price: ‘8
Programme: ‘1.50
Stadium Architecture: Won’t trouble the Stirling Judges

Leyton FC claims to be the oldest professional football club in London. I claim it to be the nearest ground to my flat. I left at ten to three and still had time to purchase a cup of tea before kick-off. I dropped it on the way to my seat.

I missed the first goal as I was trying to count the crowd (about 150). The second one I could see coming a mile off. Leyton’s nippy centre forward nipped in nippily and nabbed it. It should have been three. Leyton’s left back advanced down the wing like a well-fed Roberto Carlos. Defenders fell away and glory beckoned. He hoofed it out of the ground. Like Roberto Carlos. I was the only one who found this hilarious. Perhaps I should go to non-league more often.

It was really cold on Saturday. The wind found its way up my trouser legs and swirled around my forbidden zone. At half-time I completed two circuits of the pitch, stamping my feet as I went along. The Wealdstone Ultras had that two-nil down look about them. A door leads from the corner of the stadium out into a wasteland area. The Dagenham Brook, a tributary of the River Lea flows behind one goal. It was filthy; full of trash and the left back’s shot.

Second half was more of the same. Two further goals. The floodlights looked as if Malaysian betting syndicates had tampered with them. Pockets of the pitch lay in shadow. After the fourth went in, the PA announcer burst into life. “IS THIS THING ON?” she yelled across East London.

Four-nil to Leyton. I was back indoors by 5pm.

springcleanin update update

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springcleanin update update:

it seems a pity as some of them had excellent labels etc – a box of chinese prawn cracker mix, various hot cajun sauces – but i cleared out my shelf of jams, chutneys, preserves, pickles etc, being v.strict about sell-by dates: earliest still actually visible = 1998, though the prawn crackers didn’t say, except i think my sister brought them back from america in 1990!!

this last is around the time my grandma wrote a little poem abt living in my parent’s house:
if i should die
think only this of me
the yoghurt was out-dated
it said 1983

(my guess is that some of them were OK still, given the purpose of pickling and the rest, but i wasn’t going to put it to the test

Jan 05


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Okay, here is one of my benign, pointless resolutions revealed.

I have been sleeping the other way round in my bed since Jan 1st. Apparently a change is as good as a rest, and since I have been resting as well as making the change, it should have been doublely relaxing. And waking up to look out of the window instead of at my wardrobe does seem to give me more of a zing on sunny mornings. On horrible, grey, is it even light yet mornings I am less sure.

No trouble keeping it up at the moment.


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ok i am all but finished going through my ridiculous wall of 20 years videotapin off the TV, to see what i have forgotten i have that might be um useful to future procrastination book-finishin

apart from the now bizarre-seeming fact that back in the day i taped EVERY episode of cheers, most roseannes and even a handful of early friendses – out of ingrained habit? i have always hated it and always watch the repeats – there are only a very few things i found that i REALLY can’t explain, chief among them a sunday morning’s full of kid’s C4 (saturday has always been when the good stuff is: the um HIGHLIGHT here wz an ep of “sonic the hedgehog”, and it also included “stunt dawgz” (what hell this?)), preceded by a complete ep of HOME TO ROOST featuring JOHN THAW and REESE DINSDALE! There is a lot of competition for most wanly depressing sit com ever committed, but i think this muscles – if that’s the word – its way into the play-offs (maybe this is why i recorded it: research) :\

Jan 05

The Biggest Enemy To Resolutions

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The Biggest Enemy To Resolutions

Okay, I said I was anti New Years resolutions the other day. I did not really mean it. I suppose I am anti-breaking them (which unfortunately I have done with the break wind one). I guess my position can be modified to say that I think public New Years Resolutions are generally a bad thing.

Why are were making the resolution. Generally for ourselves, to improve aspects of our lives we are unhappy with. So why do we need to publicise this? Clearly to explain exactly why we are not smoking, drinking etc. There was absolutely no need for me to publicise my scatalogical resolution, as I hope (heaven forefend) that I’m not known as Petey Fart-Pants.*

Publicising your resolutions put more pressure on you. Particularly if you have friends like me. After all, I have just broken a resolution, the last thing I want to do is surround myself with successful, be-will-powered friends who can do anything they set their minds to. So maybe buy the non-drinker a pint before they turn up, offer them a cigarette, feed them beans.

So I have actually made some other resolutions, which I am not going to tell you. They are all rather benign, mostly personal, and ones which I intend to keep. And I don’t need the extra pressure.

*I have always assumed that the nickname Stinky Pete is merely taken from the character in Toy Story 2.

Jan 05

Utterly Resolute

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Utterly Resolute

I don’t care how cold that cold day in hell might be, but nothing I’d rather freeze than wear one of these. I have resolved to never, ever, ever buy one for anyone I know. There is great harm in it, and it most certainly is not a bit of fun. I am staggered that they exist as a company, and have enough cash to advertise in colour in the News of the World, where we saw them advertised yesterday. All my prejudices have been confirmed by the adverts’s placement on the Rugby Union page.