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Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 1: alalalalalala sheeeyah!

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herne“in a time of ruthless warriors, capricious princes, and the sherriff of lily allen, a land in turmoil cried out for 1xHERO. He was robin, a beardy princess halfpint forged in the heat of the crusades.” :D

i watched it at T’s (re)housewarming party, w.marcello and A’s son J, who is 5 i think, and asked (non-stop) why are they always fighting, why are they always kissing, why was i laughing? (truthful ans = glee)

at the end someone asked j what his favourite programme was and he said “ROBIN HOOD!” — and he is right and it is mine too!

Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 2: hot nights in the (anachroni)city

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hernerobemo of the greenteenwood: grebt
maid chubsy pie-face: grebt
much the timelord’s grandson: grebt
john little’s little son little john little: grebt
merrymen’s not-so-merry wives: grebt
sherriff of nottingham’s prescient analysis of the emergent flaws of feudalism as a mode of political economy: grebt
SoN’s BLACK SILK PYJAMAS: beyond price

ALSO: this is the first version I recall where the robbings have EVER ACTUALLY BEEN SEEN to be given at any point to the poor!

h8az i spurn thee

Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 3: bodycountdown diddlydee dum

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herneafter two intro eps that were vanilla to the core — no one died and the SoN’s threats of tongue-cutting were camp gesture — RH shifts upsettingly up a gear or two: this is fun mid-evening hokum in which CHILDREN AND INNOCENTS CAN DIE; and the motivating question — “ok WAR AGAINST EVIL — can it be ok for good ppl to kill innocents and/or children?” — is ramped up lots (at peril of comfy watching) (interesting study to be made abt conventions of acceptable bodycount in TV aimed mainly at kids)

the answers to the question are still ending up a bit pat (“no obv”), bcz robin and the merrymen aren’t themselves properly implicated yet — they’re still quarantined from the ethical complexity (we the viewer KNEW they were wrongly accused). the script clumsiness — i actually think worse this week than before — currently stands against us much losing our distance from the reality of the dilemma

however i am STILL defending this problematic issue on the grounds that it’s caused more by inept solution to the rollout of necessary backstory than some less interesting failing — after all, we ARE still getting backstory rolled out (and full marks to anyone who guessed the NIGHT WATCHMAN’S identity when s/he first appeared — i only twigged when the NW’s honour was defended too stoutly too quickly) plus i wd honestly far rather have inept storybuilding than lose the thing the show is ambitiously creeping towards, WHICH I DEEM IS THIS:


Oct 06

RobEmoWatch 4: Tiniest No Longer!

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i. Notts Forest is in SHROPSHIRE! (proof = they visited clun and knighton)
ii. The Awesome Power of RobEmoWatch! (proof = first words spoken to Maid Pieface = “Nice Pie! Give us a KISS!”)
iii. a merrymen called ROY is NOT CANON and thus a MARKED MERRYMEN, comic energy notwithstanding

POLITICAL ANACHRONISM OF THE WEEK: “I prefer working within the system”
NOT-AT-ALL DESPERATE PRO-SERIES “CLEVER” ANALYSIS OF THE WEEK: Fools everywhere are doubtless mocking this in their strawman way but the CRAPNESS of the outlaws qua heroic ensemble and of the Rubbiff of N’s castle qua impenetrable fortress is GOOD ftb both are NEW to the current situation and you don’t get to be genius at either job overnight. So yay for the learning curve.
ABIDING TRUTH OF THE WEEK: Keith Awful Must Go. Gormless of Jizbourne (smokin in ANY jerkin) is funnier every ep tho, as the LEAST EPT SIDEKICK in made-up history. I love how all he does is stand around lookin awkward yet sexy yet useless.

Every time I give up on it someone makes MEAN REMARKS and my resolve triples.

Nov 06

RobEmoWatch 5: i suppose a quick tuck’s out of the question then?

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herneApologies for lack of service — I have somewhat sadly concluded that RH has NOT really er “found its rhythm” this series, even tho I think its badnesses remain ODD rather OBVIOUS, and that this project doesn’t lack for ideas rich in potential (for some of em see below); it just lacks the slightest sense of how to sustain any ONE of them between scenes…
i. “Jack” the tomboy saracen is a TWIN!!
ii. The writers have zero grasp of economics in any era whatever. Hoodwork usually riffs round the tension between centralised tax-gathering and yeoman smallholder resistance to same — ie traces the transition between feudalism as a warlord culture and the early stirrings of networked bourgeois resistance, where people who worked for a living are protected from people who inflict violence for a living by people free of the cash nexus who to battle for HONOUR (ie aristocrats of chivalry battle aristocrats of venal bullying). This is much-trod ground; but escaping its cliches into a satire of the corruptions of present-day globalist managerialism is a tall order then the writers seem to know. Though Prince John and King Richard are often mentioned, we have no sense that the Rubbiff needs to keep them much in mind, as regards his own robber capitalist schemes (he is decidely NOT a feudalist). (Maid P this week used the phrase “until King Richard returns” to mean “never”… )


Nov 06

RobEmoWatch #6: the oulipo of stupid

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i) haha just to get this out of the way the MINE from the Robin of Scargill ep is connected to a TUNNEL from the CASTLE to the FOREST
ii) useless of jizbum’s “character” is STILL on the morph — now (as well as remaining a haplessly clownish minion who pieface has actual confused feelings for underneath the fake feelings) he is the CAUSE OF THE ENTIRE WAR (or at least the lack of a peace)
iii) which i guess underlines the HIGH CONCEPT of this odd odd series as it has emerged — the highest possible stakes (moral, political, historical) in a context of the lowest possible competence (the merrymen have proved “victorious” almost every ep but really only by dint of each time committing one fewer catastrophically naive blunders) (i do actually like this “learning curve” aspect of the project, even if it cuts against my growing complaint — that it has taken a LUDICROUSLY LONG TIME to reach even the current level of denouement and full-on plot-strand-linkage)


Apr 09

Rob Emo Watch (Return!)

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cropped hunter

i wasn’t really watching closely enough to make this an actual real REW, but tonight’s ep of robin h. featured LOLLARDRY! (or at least wycliffism)

UPDATE: didn’t think properly about this last night — robin is set in the reign of king richard (and john?), c.200 years before wycliffe’s translation of the bible into english: the plot point was that such translation was HERESY, which it was in john’s reign: in 1199 pope innocent iiI forbade unauthorised versions in the wake of the cathar and waldensian movements (which lollardry is loosely linked with); prior to this translation hadn’t been considered problematic — the venerable bede made a partial translation, and there’s also the wessex gospels, from c.990