FT Periodic Table

Mar 07

The FreakyTrigger Periodic Table

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What is the Periodic Table of FreakyTrigger? The best way to describe it is to firstly say what it is not, and then to say how it was made. If it all makes sense after that, then this truly is a project that you might get something out of. Here it is:
The FreakyTrigger Periodic Table

Mar 07

FT Periodic Table: Element 1: LOVE

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element-1-love.jpgWhat a bunch of saps we are. But then if you ask fifteen people who have been on a pub crawl for six hours what is the thing that underpins the universe, well a slurred Love is not the unexpected response. Anyway, someone jumped the gun, because as we all know from Luc Besson’s odd as batshit movie*, Love is the Fifth Element. Well not so in the world of FreakyTrigger, love is the most reactive, fundamental element.

Apr 07

FT Periodic Table: Element 2: SPACEWAR

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spacewar.jpgWhat explains the prominence of this odd item in the Freaky Trigger Periodic Table. What is it that makes the idea of Spacewar so essential to what underpins everything Freakytrigger stands for? is it

a) The idea of thrill-power which Tom talks about here, and here, and is almost certainly embodied in 2000AD which often had massive shots of war in space to illustrate the gritty future WE WOULD ALL INHERIT.

b) Is it the fear of the US Star Wars weapons programme, and Star Wars 2, elevating the up to now depressingly mundane and earthbound idea of war to a whole new plane, one which previously had been for dreamers and optimists only. The bloody carnage of bodies floating in zero gravity with a frozen AIIIIEEEE! stuck in their gullet is a universal fear surely?

c) A tacit acknowledgement than the Star Wars films are real actual history, due to taking place “A Long Time Ago”

May 07

FT Periodic Table: Element 3: ROBOTS

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robots1.jpgRobots. And not the so-so computer animated flick of 2005, but real actual robots, computer-brained servants made to follow our every need. The Freaky Trigger periodic table is forward looking to anticipate – in our time – more domestic servitude from our clanking friends.

Except, as that recent article predicted, robots will not be C3-PO-esque droids with cut glass British accents, acting as our own robo-butlers.

Jun 07

FT Periodic Table: Element 4: POP

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pop.jpgPop. It is what Freaky Trigger was about. Here, have a look at some of the early articles (COO-EE Who remembers INDIESHITE!). It was Tom Ewing’s pop fanzine, when suddenly fanzine became websites. It was quite a reputable one too. We had favourable reviews left right and centre, well Tom did. Because whilst there were a few articles written by other people, the lions share of the site was written by Tom: it was clearly his website so his gaff his rules. Though as someone who wrote something was back then the rules were pleasantly light (Tom has never been one to insist on a style guide). Just be interesting about pop music. Oh, and try not to make too many typos*.

It is quite hard to remember a world before the internet, and what I believe is called the Poptimist position was less prevalent than it is now.

Jun 12

FT Periodic Table: Element 5: INTERNET EXPLORER

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So to the Fifth Element, which, Luc Besson mistakenly thought was Love. We know better, love is the first, fundamental element: which left a bit of a mystery of what the fifth element could be? There was some suggest that Ie refereed to Example, the popular rapper and singer, whose “Changed The Way You Kiss Me” certainly underpinned much of last year to me. And seemed be used a LOT at the 20/20 Cricket match I went to yesterday to signify the end of an over. But of course Ie is Latin for “that is” rather than for example, which you should look out for if there is an element called Eg (Example’s own initials, fact fans).

Jul 12

FT Periodic Table: Element 6: SUGABABES

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Freaky Trigger has been going since 1999, almost the exact amount of time the Sugababes have existed. Like the Sugababes it has had many incarnations, from breathless multi-column blog, to the more sedate affair you see right now. But through all of its hiatuses, breakdowns and breakups, both Freaky Trigger and the Sugababes have survived. Of course we would see them as a kindred spirit. Of course they are elemental to us.

Back in March 2001 FT printed a breathless live review of the Sugababes by soon to be celebrated author Dan Rhodes. We used to do stuff like that back then.