Aug 17

The Sound Barrier Podcast: 8: The Phantom Carriage & A Ghost Story

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phantom carriage ghostie storySpooky happenings over on Silent London this week, where the Sound Barrier Podcast dabbles in the supernatural, otherworldly and ectoplasmic. Or rather, a pair of meditative films which use death, and the afterlife, to dwell on the nature of existence. But if that feels a little dry, don’t worry there are madmen axing down doors, car crashes, poltergeist activities and the most unpleasant TB vector in all of Sweden. In the modern corner we have David Lowery’s oddity A Ghost Story, wherein Casey Affleck stand under a sheet for about an hour and a half. And in the silent corner, the Victor Sjöström starring Victor Sjöström film The Phantom Carriage, a New Years Eve ghost story about redemption and repentance (finally). Who will win, the director of The Wind, or the director of Pete’s Dragon?

The Silent London Podcast can be listened to here on Silent London and it is also available on iTunes and Stitcher. The podcast is presented in association with SOAS radio by Pamela Hutchinson and Peter Baran.


  1. 1
    Mark M on 16 Aug 2017 #

    I’m pleased you both like A Ghost Story so much. I do too.

    Somewhat inevitably, the one of the two loud popcorn-munchers sitting behind me at the Curzon Soho deemed it ‘the worst film I’ve ever seen.’ Enjoyably divisive.

  2. 2
    Pete Baran on 18 Aug 2017 #

    Most of the crowd in my cinema really liked it, but I think it is clear that even with the quite clear marketing that this is not “that kind of ghost story”, people will go along thinking it might be…

  3. 3
    Ramon190 on 14 Sep 2017 #

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