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Casual flipping in the morning is unavoidable when BBC Smugfast is doing a story on a cat having open heart surgery and GMTV is having a hard hitting Detox Diet Scambusting yawnarama. So you are tired, and your brain has not woken up yet. Still, this is no excuse for the day-glo filth thrown at us in the form of Lazy Town on BBC2.

I cannot describe Lazy Town, because really the only way to understand this hyper-energetic creepfest is to watch it. But I have put a warning above, as every five second burst of it I catch disturbs me to such a degree that I feel physically ill. Why not go to the Lazy Town site, where there are videos to disgorge yourself with. I believe the aim of the show is to make kids do more exercise, though how they do this with a pinkhaired girl, lots of unpleasant rubber puppets and strange men with stick on chin-prostheses leaping around I don’t know. Perhaps it encourages you to run away from the screen.

That said, I can’t help but be drawn to it for these five second chunks of “what-the-fuck”-itude. And this morning I was treated to a hi-energy (everything in the show is hi-energy but I am talking about the music here) song which would make Scooter sound sluggish. The perfect program to pair with Extra-Sugar Frosties with Glucose Power Rocks in it. For the rest of us, it’ll burn out your retinas.


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  1. 176
    Pete on 1 Oct 2009 #

    This really is the most read post of FreakyTrigger.

    We should really pack up and go home.

  2. 177
    craig on 21 Oct 2009 #

    I think it is a good program so it will teach fat cheeseburger eating punks like you and the rest of those wigs to gety up off your fat double sided two roll toilet paper wiping ass up and do something with your life besides jackoff and just wish she was yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRABBY FROM THE U.S.A.!!

  3. 178
    ARBONA on 30 Oct 2009 #


  4. 179
    alex on 13 Jan 2010 #

    i dont think its weird that a 16 year old is playing a 8 year old at least it pay x

  5. 180
    Sheena on 19 Jan 2010 #

    So I’m from the southern US (yes, it feels very much like a negative connotation as I say and type it, in case you’re wondering), and this show, Lazy Town, has been on for a good bit, but I never paid attention to it until now. I’m on the last trimester so I’ve been reviewing different kids shows. I searched the internet for this in hopes I wasn’t the only one who saw or felt the way I do about the show.
    …I will never let my child watch this show. There are so many other shows that are just plain-jane, mind-numbly dumb, but Lazy Town breaks the rule for kids’ shows: you should never get so close to the line between childlike innocence and sexual deviancy. I thought maybe it was just me, that maybe that’s what I get for taking that sexual psychology seminar, like going through a psychosomatic self-diagnosis —when you learn about a new disease and you suddenly think you have it— like I was tricking myself into thinking the show had too risque` situations, but no. I’m not the only one who sees it. And it makes me sad.
    It makes me sad because I know there are some parents who don’t review their children’s shows, and the idiot-children the southern US has created (through it’s horrific education system and “community” raising of children lifting nearly all responsibility off the parents and into the loving arms of a plasma flat-screen) could watch and learn to believe it’s okay for strange men to lift them up in the air and dance around with them and do those minor things that you don’t think about until your child does them with a strange man on the playground and you realize the “OH-HELL-NO” situation that has just uncoiled in front of you. That’s what creeps adults out about this show –those little things that just don’t seem right! I’ve verbally discussed this with other soon-to-be-parents and with my friends who couldn’t care less about kids, and they all agree that there is something off about the show. It may not have been intended, but we see it. And if we see it, the sex-offender down the street sees it. And if s/he sees it, then s/he gets ideas, and eventually prowls for a victim.
    Though Lazy Town may have been aimed at the “tween” age group (11-13), in the US four-five-six year olds watch it. And the parents just sit them infront of the screen to shut them up for fifteen minutes.
    Making a show about getting up and playing is not how you “teach” children to go out and play/exercise. Cut the fucking wire off the television if you want your kids to go out and play!! Just turn the damn thing off!! Take your kids outside!! Build a fucking jungle-gym for’em!! Sit and read while they play!! But get your ass outside if you want your child to be active. A TV show is not going to teach them to be fit and exercise. It’s going to teach them to watch more TV!
    And with Lazy Town, there may be an unintended, undesired lesson they’re learning…

  6. 181
    Sheena on 19 Jan 2010 #

    AND WHO THE HELL CARES IF THE ACTRESS IS A LESBIAN!? It has no affect on the show…I wish it did. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so fucked up, it’d force the writers and producers to be more “careful” with their script.

  7. 182
    hell yess on 13 Feb 2010 #

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  8. 183
    Carl on 20 Jul 2010 #

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  9. 184
    daman on 26 Oct 2010 #
  10. 185
    ale on 24 Jan 2011 #

    i want too esportacos in the ass

  11. 186
    lazytown megafan on 7 Sep 2014 #

    Lazytown is an amazing show that I love to watch. Sportacus has inspired me to get up and excersize and eat sports candy and I just simply think it’s one of my favorite tv programmes of all time.

  12. 187
    Tommy Mack on 8 Sep 2014 #

    Sportacus came to Sport Relief (2010?). My wife said he grabbed a lamp post and held his entire body up in the air, rigid and horizontal. I have no idea how much sport you’d have to do to be able to do that.

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