Mar 05

RIP Tommy Vance

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All the papers yesterday were stuffed to the gills with their tributes to cricketing god-bothra Davey Sheppard, they missed out the death of one of our most loved broadcasters. Perhaps “just” having a distinctive voice seems a bit of a minor skill, but what a voice. “Gravel voiced” is a lazy appelation to tag on to Vance’s rounded vocal skills. Sure it was deep, and it had a rasp, but gravel suggests your grandma’s nice sedate flower beds. If Tommy’s voice was to be compared to any garden feature it would have to be crazy paving. Just imagine him saying “Crazy Paving”. See!

If nothing else, his contributions to Dumber and Dumber will be soerely missed. All together now : “Now what’s THIS idiot doing.”

The earth is down one great larynx. Meanwhile in heaven the Metatron must be worried about its job…

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