Dec 04

Politics Can’t Kill The Situationist International

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Politics Can’t Kill The Situationist International. Not really DYS, but this needs attention. Having spent the ’70s making trad-left agit-prop plays, David Edgar now sees the ‘light’: ‘Thirty years later, the miners’ triumph in 1974 looks hubristic, an ironic prologue to the tragedy of 1984-85. On the other hand, the libertarian socialist critique of consumerism appears surprisingly, if not uncomfortably pertinent. This is a world in which challenges to oppression have been downgraded into lifestyle choices, the political process has been turned into a form of shopping, and (to quote a Situationist slogan) the ideology of consumption has become the consumption of ideology.’ Splitting the movements from Marxism, the Situationist canon becomes just another arrow in the quiver of cultural criticism…

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