Nov 04

It’s probably not number one, it’s…

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It’s probably not number one, it’s…

So the axe sort of falls on TOTP, shifting it sideways and down a bit to Sunday eventide on BBC2, and doing a bodge-job merging of it with Top Of The Pops 2 which got axed itself a few months ago because it, er, didn’t fit with BBC2’s new image, despite the fact that it was actually really good, the rebranded logo stuff actually worked with its graphics, and the ratings (unless I’m severely misremembering) were rather good. Quite possibly better than the flagship programme’s 3m figures, actually, which definitely wouldn’t be fitting with anyone’s image, would it? Still, if this means that Britain will once again be treated to our once-fortnightly fix of ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ followed by ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (albeit newly interspersed with The Calling), then you won’t hear me complaining. Much.

EDIT: Hold on a second. What’s he doing there? He’s going in February, isn’t he? Isn’t he?

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