Oct 04

Stay behind after class

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Stay behind after class

So, the fourth series of teachers has started on C4 with very little fanfare. I guess everyone else round here has given up on it, but I saw the beginning of the first ep on Tuesday. Since Andrew Lincoln (or Egg, as he’s still called round my house) left, Kurt and Brian had gone from comic relief to absolute stars, the reason for the programme to exist. But, hold on, they’re not in the new series (neither is the twatty bloke who was in the chewing gum commercial), the actors going on to other things. “How will they get round this?” meg and I wondered. We certainly didn’t expect them to ACTUALLY PISS ON THE CHARACTERS’ ACTUAL GRAVES, which happened within five minutes of the programme starting. There was no explanation as to how they died, neither do I think there will be in forthcoming eps, but then again, I won’t be watching so it doesn’t really matter…

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