Sep 04

Spending time on holiday with my nephew

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Spending time on holiday with my nephew means I get to watch television he cannot fathom and I barely understand. I am not talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! – I mean old episodes of Scooby-Doo (written independently of the Mark S treatise below. The Tao Of Scooby cannot be far off). On Boomerang today for example, Scooby Doo meets Phyllis Diller. Now ask yourself, was this ever a viable ratings grabber? Scooby Doo meets Frankenstein – yep, that’s in the remit for the Mystery Machine. Scooby meets Laurel and Hardy, well the kids will know who they are. But Phyllis Diller? Craggy, ditzy old female stand-up whose main schtick was talking about her ex-husbands? There does not seem to be an obvious cross-over. Especially as, due to the basic standard of animation on Scooby Doo, the drawing was a crude caricature who had to keep reminding us that she was Phyllis Diller ever thirty seconds. If anyone can think of a more bizarre animated guest star let me know. (I think I let bizarre concepts like Hammerman, the MC Hammer superhero vehicle, go by the wayside).

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