Sep 03

Calendar Girls

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I’ve no idea whether Calendar Girls is a good film or not, though I’m always content to watch Julie Walters in anything. I’m reacting here without seeing the film. For those who don’t know, it’s about a true story, a clever gimmick where a bunch of middle-aged and older women made a nude calendar.

Anyway, I was just watching Newsnight Review, which is just like the Brown Wedge with Extra Bonus Added Cockfarmers, and they were talking about this film. They all felt that the nude older women looked wonderful, and while I’m perfectly happy to believe that, I want to make two points. Firstly, they are TV and film actresses who have been put into a film which features nudity. Did we think the makers weren’t going to choose actresses who looked good? Are we to be surprised that actresses are good looking, even if they are a bit older than starlets. But it’s not really the dumbness of these comments that bothers me, it’s the astoundingly self-congratulatory tone of them. These cockfarmers were so proud of finding these non-young women attractive. This seems to me the worst kind of smug liberal idiocy, a patronising and insulting display of faux-open-mindedness.

Actually I probably only watch this show for these moments of indignation, to be honest…

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