Oct 07

my eyes! my eyes!

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left eyeright eye
these are, in fact, my eyes! DO YOU SEE? (click to enlarge)

healthy yay! — the whitish crescents on the optic nerves are a sign of short sight, as are the “dark matter” tesselations patching the red areas


  1. 1

    ps i am bad enough with left and right at the best of times — this has completely baffled me

    is my left your right? are they posted the wrong way round? i like how the placing of the optic nerve looks like i have a simpsons-esque cast pupils-wise

  2. 2
    Alix on 22 Oct 2007 #

    If the optician dude says ‘left’ they mean your left.

    Your eyes look like peeled grapes.

  3. 3
    henry s on 22 Oct 2007 #

    they look more like boobs!

  4. 4
    henry s on 22 Oct 2007 #

    (fake ones at that)

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