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A spokesman for BBC Drama says: “Thanks to this facility, we’ll be able to produce establishing shots for Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes well into the next decade. And we don’t even have to think of a name!”

Hopefully, Diamond Health & Safety will be posting the appropriate education regarding use of the synchrotron during thunderstorms.


  1. 1

    dept of unnecessary adjectives:
    “Diamond is housed in a vast, doughnut-shaped building”

  2. 2

    mmm vast doughnut

  3. 3
    Pete on 6 Feb 2007 #

    OK, tell me more about mis-use of Sinkertron. What is this (An)other world we will be sent to?

  4. 4

    you will be sent inside my vast-donut shaped BRANE

  5. 5
    Rob Brennan on 7 Feb 2007 #

    Another World = Nightmare vision of hi-tech alium planet with slave-based economy presented as platform game rendered in rotoscoped flat-shaded polygons, on an Amiga, by French people.

    Other World = Rub 80s sci-fi telly.

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