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Formicophilia is a fetish involving having bugs and worms crawling all over one’s body. For some reason, the few case histories concerning this have been reports from predominantly Buddhist countries. Perhaps investing all my savings in exporting ‘squish’ films to Thailand was a stupid idea. However, I could recoup the money by visiting the local shrine and advertising my flat as a commercial sex emporium, as I still can’t figure out where all the goddamn fruit flies are coming from, even though I’ve sprayed so much pesticide in there that I can’t even see out the window. ‘Squish’ films are often dismissed as an aesthetic cul-de-sac but in my opinion there are still avenues to explore. Perhaps featuring parasitic worms whose eggs hatch in the stars’ bodies at the moment of climax? There’s a vending machine on my street that dispenses flies and maggots for the canal fishermen. Maybe they should open up a whole store, put a red light in the window, and call it ‘Master Bait’. For the moment I’ll stick to popping bubblewrap, but then, I’m more repressed than most people.


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    J. on 16 Mar 2008 #

    Have you heard of this site? http://lovebugz.net
    Formicophilia is making a comeback.

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    Maggie on 22 Jan 2010 #

    My suggestion would be to start with sensation and move over to full symbiotic as soon as possible. I can assist with the 2nd part.

    Best bets:

    Ants: If you are looking for them to feed, you really can’t go wrong with sugar or breadcrumbs.

    Harvestman Spider (aka Daddy Long Legs) : Personal favorite of mine. They are not true spider and have no venom but they can chew you skin off in tiny little strips. Leave them alone once they start since thet startle easy….Just imagine the places they can be placed. Very little blood if any… too bad they are only around a few months out of the year…

    Medicinal Leeches : Self explanatory…. blood hungry bastards pumping and gyrating all over you while they feed. You will need about 12 hrs of free time afterwards however with a Depends or two handy until you start to clot.

    *New Favorite* Large feeder crickets. Container with an adequate hole for access and a few air holes is all you need for hours of mind blowing pleasure. They will feed….I repeat…your body will be a food source. Simply keep your “rod and tackle” warm and moist for about 10 min prior and they will go for it. Want to get them to go “animal” on you? Very thin layer of breadcrumbs OR (not AND) wipe some beer on you b4 you “strap on” the container…..If you can handle it….the intensity is fierce but 100% worth it. Give 48 hours for wounds to heal after cleaning up and you can be good to go again!

    Hope this helps people better understand what is truly out there….

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    Christy on 13 Nov 2011 #

    Damn. You freaks are really desperate for excitement. Here’s some advice… get laid?? by people, not bugs btw…

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    Michelle on 10 Jan 2012 #

    thats so odd to read about i never knew a satisfaction like that would come from bugs. exspecially seeing how when a light touch excites you but usually when you see ants crawling on you, you usually freak out or swat them away. and i don’t think i would ever allow a harvestman spider to tear small strips of skin of my pussy sorry no way will that happen :)

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    John Izquierdoulakis on 25 Apr 2012 #

    My God, how do you let large crickets tear at your pussy?

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