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The 21st Freaky Trigger Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl: Back To TCR

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Twenty Years Ago (1999) I decided to organise a pub crawl on the quietest pub day of the year, and thus the Freaky Trigger annual between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl (henceforth #FTABCANYPC) was born. Since then we have crawled annually on the 29th December (except from when it wasn’t) around nineteen different parts of London. But for this special 20th anniversary I thought I would go back to the source, the very first route. I am not doing exactly the same pubs, some have changed their names (one four times), and a few are off the main drag. But I’d live you all to come and join the day of the year when you can celebrate friendship and London without it being tied to religious and/or calendrical bullshit.
The route on the day will be:

3pm The Flying Horse (Oxford St opposite TCR Station)
4pm The Jack Horner
4.45pm The Rising Sun
5.45pm The TCR Lounge Bar (previously The Bar @ TCR, The Castle and The Olde Surgeon)
6: 30pm Fitzrovia Belle
7:15pm Carpenters Arms (Whitfield Street)
8pm The Prince Of Wales Feathers (Warren St)

All are welcome, join at any time, we normally have one drink per pub – but it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. The only real rule is that one of the pubs at least will be closed and there will be a last minute replacement… (Double chance cos its a Sunday).

Please come and celebrate twenty years of nonsense


  1. 1

    I’ll be there! Sorry I’ve been quiet on Popular for the last few months – I pledged money to Tom’s Patreon but forgetting I had a defunct credit card made it refuse me a gazillion times. And I didn’t think I deserved to hang round here till I made good on the promise. All sorted now though. See you all two weeks on Sunday!

    Though I’ll be furious if that mumbling, incoherent, deeply unsettling mess is still in power by then. Obviously, I mean Dance Bunny.

  2. 2
    Tommy Mack on 12 Dec 2019 #

    I will actually be in London for once so I will try to come along!

  3. 3

    Re comment 1, paragraph 2: Oh, for the love of Christ..

    I’m still 100% coming though. The show must go on.

  4. 4
    hardtogethits on 14 Dec 2019 #

    Sounds good. As with the TV poll, If I have to wait around and there’s no sign, I might give up waiting after a year or so.

  5. 5

    Re 3: I’m sorry but I’ll have to make that 50% as having family over from Australia makes my Christmas schedule very tight this year and I’ll just have to take each day as it comes. Will keep you posted though.

  6. 6

    So sorry all, I can’t make it now. A lot more skint than I was last Christmas anyway. Not to worry, thank you to Tom and all the comments gang for all your great work over this year, and Monsieur Ewing, delighted your Patreon has been a success and I will, and I’m proud to continue my support. Have a great day all of you and I wish you the best for a happy and fulfilling new year and new decade.

  7. 7
    Tommy Mack on 28 Dec 2019 #

    My wife’s poorly so I don’t think I’m going to make it. Apologies all. One day I’ll make it!

  8. 8
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