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The Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl 2010: The City Rat

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It really may well be the tenth anniversary of the Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl (FTABCANYPC or as we like to call it Fat Abs Canny PC). Every year since 2000 the drinkers of Freaky Trigger have spent the 29th December in a pub. Well, at least seven pubs infact, as it’s the quietest pub day of the year, so we do our bit for the licensed trade and try to bolster their coffers.

Past crawls have taken in the Euston Hexagon, the Mornington Crescent, strange arcane routes across the river and last year a foray into Pimlico. The pubs are always interesting and at least one is always shut. This will almost certainly be the case this year as we have boldly decided to hit the City – and area we never normally drink in. We know that there are lots of pubs, some may even be good, and we are taking advantage of the downtime between Christmas and New Year to see some of them. If they are open.

So I give you the City Rat (I tried to make it look like a Bowler hat honest guv but it looks like a rat to me).

We start at 3pm by Liverpool Street Station:
3pm: Dirty Dicks
4pm : Stone Horse Paper Cow
5pm: Lord Aberconway
5:45pm: Cock And Woolpack
6:30pm: Jamaica Wine House
7:15pm: New Moon
8:15pm The Counting House

We will then stay at the Counting House until kicking out time, or the fall of global capitalism, WHICH EVER IS SOONEST. Or we go to another pub which sometimes happens. Please come along, and if it is your first time remember this isn’t about drinking (completely) – rather savouring the interesting architecture of London’s pubs. Well, maybe a bit of drinking too. Also as this is the city (and the pub crawl, a number of these pubs will almost certainly be closed and last minute replacements may happen, so make sure you follow the #pubcrawl2010 on Twitter. Or e-mail us and we’ll give you our mobile number.

Facebook event here if you want to invite other people.


  1. 1
    Matt DC on 10 Dec 2010 #

    It looks more like a dog’s head that a rat. Well, the bottom bit does.

  2. 2
    xyzzzz__ on 11 Dec 2010 #

    Rat or dog it does not matter — the sketching skillXors on show are not great.

    But the plan is nice – might join at some point.

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