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The Ingredients are in the NAME!

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The Dictionary of Drink has the noble aim of being ‘a guide to every type of beverage’ and is the kind of thing one can happily browse for hours during a lazy session in the pub. We found a copy in the very fine King Charles I off Cally Road and signs were initially good as all the seasonal variations of Hooch were accounted for. However, it quickly became apparent that the authors’ research had been somewhat slapdash.

The failure to list all the ingredients in Um Bongo was forgivable but a much worse crime had been committed on one of the simplest of all cocktails:

Gin and WTF?!

Whaaaaa? Had they just not heard of tonic water? Apparently not as the mixer has its own entry. The error left us dumbstruck and wondering if some powerful soda lobby had bribed the publishers.

It’s still an entertaining read, especially if you enjoy boggling at glaring mistakes, but as a reference work you’re better off with Wikipedia.


  1. 1
    Len on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Soda! Hang ’em high.

  2. 2
    Pete Baran on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Hmm Gin and Tansy.

    Note this book was on a shelf next to a 1000 page guide to MAGIC, which included a sectiopn on how to make a magic sword and a number of spells and incantations which, in our drunken state, we may have read out.

  3. 3
    Kat but logged out innit on 28 Sep 2009 #


  4. 4
    unlogged moggy on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Maybe you transmogrified the concept of a G&T with yr spells!

  5. 5
    Ewan on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Hang on, just the ONE MEASURE of gin? Methinks there is more than one error here.

  6. 6
    Pete Baran on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Well as the soda / tonic is not measured, it really doesn’t matter if tyhe gin is, as long as the proportion is to taste.

  7. 7
    Pete Baran on 28 Sep 2009 #

    Oh the flavours and variants of Hooch

    Lemon, Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant

    Grapefruit / Pineapple (Lilt) Flavour

    Five Alive flavoured World Cup tie in.

    Passionfruit flavour Valentines Day tie in

    Cranberry juice flavoured Christmas tie in.

  8. 8
    sarah logged out on 1 Oct 2009 #

    This book is being heavily discounted in the Borders sale at the moment, 70% off, I can’t imagine why. I picked it up, snorted in disgust, then went to wash my hands (WITH SODA OBV).

  9. 9
    sarah logged out on 1 Oct 2009 #

    Also, looking at “gin aurum”… **4/10ths** of a measure????!!!


  10. 10
    Alix on 2 Oct 2009 #

    you might as well not bother.

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