May 07


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“Budweiser has rice in it. So what? So do Asahi and Kirin of Japan, Bintang of Indonesia and Efes of Turkey, and nobody has such a hate on about them.” Daniel Davies at Crooked Timber wages poptimist war on beer snobbery…

UPDATE: bullet point four gives me an idea for AWESOME FOOD SCIENCE btw

which is uh oh at my house this year i think –:0


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    Rick on 10 May 2007 #

    Bbbut Asahi is ALSO horrid! As is Tsing-tao! And Sake is k-k-k-grim as well!

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    haha look what is related article no.two

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    Stonch's Beer Blog on 26 Jul 2007 #

    I think you’re wrong. People do say those beers are shit. To be fair Asahi is head and shoulders above Efes, and either preferable to tasteless American Bud and downright nasty Bintang. But really that’s splitting hairs – macrobrewed adjunct lagers are dreadful. Not snobbery, just taste buds.

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