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Kronenbourg Premier Cru

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What kind of sucker would buy Kronenbourg Premier Cru? What kind of idiot would be taken in by its frosted blue bottle? What kind of snob would fall for the pretension that “Kronie” has a ‘Premier Cru’ anyway? What kind of buffoon would fail to check the abv (over 6%) and thus not realise that ‘Premier Cru’ in fact means ‘nasty spesh lager’? Surely not somebody with half a decade’s experience in marketing?? Groan. :(


  1. 1
    Eric on 14 Mar 2007 #

    Actually I did. I’ve no TV for past 10 years, I’ve never seen Cru’s ads, just bought it as I try different beers at my local off licence. And it’s my favourite beer not because of bottle, ads or any other shite. It tastes just great. One and only reason.


  2. 2
    Phil on 7 Jun 2007 #

    Yeah as Eric says, it’s a very fine tasting lager. Perhaps it is in fact you Tom who judges a book too much by it’s cover…and to be frank there isn’t much wrong with the frosted blue bottle really – sorry to hear it’s offended you so.

  3. 3
    Kev on 6 Oct 2007 #

    What’s wrong Tom?? Too strong for you?? Why don’t you leave the 6% beer for the MEN and go back to drinking pish water!!!! Yeah about 4% should do you just fine!!

  4. 4
    jane on 8 Nov 2008 #

    It’s a smooth mighty fine tasting beer, in my opinion. I tried it after getting bored of the usual Cobra, Peroni etc, and I am glad I did. My life has changed forever.
    Try it, you’ll like it.

  5. 5
    CruYou on 6 Feb 2009 #

    You may have written this over 3 years ago, but you’re still a dobber!

  6. 6
    YouMustBrCru on 17 Feb 2009 #

    As CruYou put it, you may of done this post 3 years ago but what a drip you are.

    Never have I seen an add for this beer.

    I found Cru in an off licence by chance and the guy behind the counter recommended it. Absolutely love the stuff.

  7. 7
    Tom on 17 Feb 2009 #

    Is this the Kronenbourg street team in action I wonder?

    I had my first session for a while on the normal version on Friday – bad idea: it’s as poisonous as Stella.

  8. 8
    Pete Baran on 17 Feb 2009 #

    I wouldn’t tar normal Kronenburg with Stella, its not THAT bad (or indeed psychosis inducing – unless you count a hangover as a psychosis).

  9. 9
    Tom on 17 Feb 2009 #

    Oh it tastes nicer, no question, and doesn’t affect your behaviour adversely, but the hangover I got off it was very Stella-esque.

  10. 10
    Dogegg on 22 Feb 2009 #

    Currently 99p a bottle at my local “B&M Bargains” store (Blaydon), highly recommended at that price.

  11. 11
    admin on 22 Feb 2009 #

    worst street team ever.

    currently 99p a can at my local corner shop – ALMOST ALL BEER.

    including Redd’s, which i keep meaning to blog. polish lager that, unless you look really closely, you’d expect from the can ‘livery’ to be nothing out of the ordinary. ‘hmm, does that translate as a “splash of citrus”. *swig* MAN ALIVE it must translate as BUCKET OF APPLE FLAVOURING


  12. 12
    Harvey on 27 Jul 2009 #

    This larger is great.
    I lived in France for seven months in 1998 [ when I was a youth ] and use to drink Kronenbourg 1664 on a regular basis.
    This is similar to the 1664 that is sold over there [ stronger than what we get over here in England ]
    Best of all it’s 99 p at my local off license for a 500 ml bottle.

  13. 13
    Rayne on 22 Apr 2010 #

    Anybody know where to buy this lovely drink? About 4 years ago now I started to drink it on a regular basis, then all of a sudden I can’t find it anywhere… nearly a year since the last post on this site, I wont hold my breath!

  14. 14
    nick on 21 Jun 2010 #

    tom is a twat enough said

  15. 15
    brian on 26 Feb 2013 #

    I love it but cant find it anywhere in the UK any more ?

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