Aug 05

Lambrini News

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In Sainsbury’s the other day I noticed that Lambrini had a special offer on, and was now 99p a bottle. That’s ninety-nine pence for 750ml of 7.5% booze – the same price as Tennants or Spesh, only slightly weaker and 50% larger. Risky pricing for the giggly perry brand, this – already in trouble for encouraging binge drinking, the last thing Lambrini wants is to become the drink of choice for the alternative street drinker. But that could never happen – or could it? Yesterday in my local off-license I stood behind a toothless and dishevelled individual who I visually and nasally pegged as a knight of the road. Imagine my surprise when what this person bought was the hugest bottle of Lambrini I had ever seen. As he pocketed change from his grimy fiver and reeled out into the Tooting night I wondered what those dear Lambrini Girls would make of it all…

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