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Troy Lager

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Troy Lager

I can’t believe this has never been reported on the publog before. Those of you who have been to the Notting Hill Arts Club for to see the nindie bands will have drank it, because it’s the cheap lager there. Those of you who haven’t been have almost certainly never drank it, as NHAC is, to the best of my knowledge, THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD that sells it, which considering it is IMPORTED FROM TURKEY seems a little unlikely. Theories were proposed last night that they only brew 100 bottles a week and then sell it all to the club, or that in fact, they find it floating in the grand union canal… it’s not like the club gives off an [ahem] turkish vibe and also considering the number of grocers run by people of turkish extraction round my way, how come none of them sell it either??

Unlike these people (scroll down a fair bit) who say “there is an interesting softness and a refreshingly clean finish to this beer that makes it highly drinkable” i’d say “it’s cheap*, it tastes like washing-up liquid, how come i’m on my sixth one already?” (that link proves that it is available at at least one other bar, IN JAPAN!)

Finally, searching for “troy lager” on the interweb takes you to some mad polish music site, “glownie trance” is how i feel this morning as well…

*until 9 it’s ‘2 a bottle, which is pretty good, however it then goes up to ‘2.75 which is frankly taking the piss, especially as that still makes it the cheapest beer they have…


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    horseflaps on 8 Aug 2008 #

    I was in Turkey last week, the only draught beer our hotel served was Troy and it was indeed the pissiest lager I’ve ever had the misfortune to taste.

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