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Save Our Pubs

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Save Our Pubs {please}

Book warns of last orders for ornate boozers“, writes Polly Curtis
in the Guardian.

English Heritage document the 250 alehouses still left replete with their original Victoriana glories (inc. London’s Black Friar, the first theme pub, back in 1905).

Bill Bryson’s verdict?

Every old Red Lion pulled apart and plasticised and renamed the Frog and Orange diminishes us.

Not entirely sure about all uncritical narratives of the ‘old pub best’ approach, but Liverpool’s Philharmonic certainly sounds a better option than yet another dreary chain outlet.


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    angela winstanley on 30 Nov 2008 #

    Thanks for helping with the demise of our ‘ locals’ please use the poster below as you wish –

    Our beloved chancellor has once again taken it upon himself to completely miss the point when trying to tackle anti social drinking and raise money to bail out the incompetent bankers who have dropped our country in the mire.
    He has come up with the wonderful idea of putting an extra 3p on a pint in

    We at the Hercules, Sutton Cheney believe that the traditional country pub still has value and feel that this is wrong. Therefore we will be absorbing this increase ourselves.

    We wish our Darling government luck in tackling binge drinking, once they have closed all the pubs where drinking is carried out in a safe and friendly environment and have driven it out onto the parks and streets


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