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Of all the booze I brought back from Romania (including this tasty little goer), the strangest is Romania’s national drink, Tuica.

Brewed from the latest technology tuica stings your throat like grappa’s crazy cousin. Basically, it’s 50% proof plum brandy, distilled twice and marketed with blunt Dracula associations (Jonathan Harker enjoyed a snifter on the hunt for The Count). The aftertaste lasts a fortnight.


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    Jessica Klawien on 1 Oct 2008 #

    OMG! I had some at my new my new Aunt Dorina’s wedding (she’s from Romania) and I love it so much! I had like 7 shots of it that night and I was so floating. I loved the feeling. At first it is really stong, it’s like it numbing and cleaning out your throat, but then it goes down so easy. This is defienly my new fav.

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