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Amory (Mississippi) Railroad Festival, April 15th-18th

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Amory (Mississippi) Railroad Festival, April 15th-18th

1. Barbecue sandwich, Working for my Lord Ministries: well-smoked meat pre-mixed with too much store-bought sauce. Not enough slaw.

2. Chicken fillet plate, First United Methodist: Terrible chicken (overcooked, then dried out under a heat lamp), but great fries.

3. Chicken on a Stick (St. Helen’s Catholic) with Abner’s sauce (1st Methodist): Where I come from, CoaS is a skewer of boneless chicken chunks dipped in a spicy batter and deep fried. This was grilled, no seasoning, overcooked, skimpy. Thank God, or at least the Methodists, for buying several gallons of the secret-recipe sauce at Abner’s in Oxford every year and selling it for 20 cents per generous squirt.

4. Barbecue pork plate, Greater Love Outreach Church: The best ‘cue of the festival. Coarsely chopped, plenty of crispy edges included, better than average sauce. Nondescript fries and slaw, but excellent slow-cooked baked beans.

5. Barbecue pork plate, Meadowood Chapel: Decently smoked ‘cue, but very few tasty exterior pieces, and all of it minced far too finely. Very good homemade vinegar-based sauce, a rarity in these parts. Decent slaw, fresh hot fries.

6. Taco Salad, Trace Road Baptist: Good proportions to ingredients, no skimping on the beef, but too salty.

7. Ribeye steak sandwich and onion rings, Meadowood Baptist: absolute crap. Slices of steak almost indetectable in the sandwich; stone cold onion rings.

8. Catfish plate, 1st Methodist: Excellent even by pro standards: hot fresh fish fillets, ditto fries, exceptionally good hushpuppies with plenty of onion.

9. Apple puffs, 1st Methodist: Constructed like apple wontons in puff pastry, deep fried and served with ice cream. Winner.

10. Apple fritters, Bethel Apostolic: Golf-ball-sized frybread with chunks of apple. Rolling them in confectioners sugar straight out of the fryer produces a tasty messy glaze.

11. Catfish sandwich, Bethel Apostolic: Hot fresh fish, well-seasoned cornmeal crust, cooked through but barely. (The tendency toward overcooking was everywhere this year.) Hot flaky catfish contrasting with cool crunchy coleslaw inside the bun ‘ beautiful.

12. Barbecue sandwich, St. Andrews United Methodist: Awful. Dry pork, no smoke flavor, all flavorful exterior bits trimmed away, no slaw, bottled sauce. Prison food.

13. “Funnel Cake,” Nettleton Pentecostal. If you’ve never had one, I can’t explain it. The best use of prepackaged pancake mix ever devised by man. Looks like a fried pastry Celtic knot drawn by a blind drunk with the DTs. But tasty.

Noted but not tested, the best/worst marketing ploy of the festival: Nettleton Pentecostal was selling bags of freshly cooked pork rinds under a sign that said “LOW-CARB MEAT SKINS, $3.00”

Research assistants: Judy Crump, Sarah Crump.


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    anna hester coker on 7 Mar 2010 #

    who are you mr. william??? who do you think you are? Everyone that works at the festival spends a lot of time and money to cater to the event goers…all my years of going to the festival I have never once experienced bad food.What your saying is like a slap in the face to all the men and women of the churches who are trying to do something good for the community… why don’t you keep your insulting review to yourself and let everyone else be the judge of there own meal!!!! former amory resident!

  2. 2
    Belinda Best on 22 Apr 2010 #

    Well, I did not know we had food critics at the Festival. I thought we only had Festival Goers who love the food and pick and choose what they want and from whom they will buy it. I think the food is always wonderful and you forget, these are downhome folk, cooking to help raise money for special events: youth trips, choir needs, church programs. Let the Festival goers decide for themselves and don’t insult us by trying to decide for us. And believe it or not, most of the “booths” figure out on their own what is good this year and what isn’t. They also want to serve food that the public will enjoy.

  3. 3
    Belinda Best on 22 Apr 2010 #

    P.S.: And insulting some of the food by calling it “crap” is rude.

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