Dec 03

I’m not a food snob but…

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I’m not a food snob but…

…Burger King XL bacon double cheeseburgers are absolutely foul. Following a couple of hours wobs shopping on oxford street yesterday I felt somewhat peckish and was drawn by the pretty colours into the BK (wary of this, I decided to avoid the McDs). Disappointed to find they had withdrawn the winter warmer already (despite the fact that it’s not even officially winter yet!!), I pondered for a while before plumping for the XLBDC. Sitting down and opening my box I was rather shocked to find no top on my burger and the small limp bits of psuedo-bacon and puslike cheese staring up at me hardly made me warm to it. Returning with a topped burger I was still rather put off, and it was only at this point that I realised that XLBDC has no salad whatsoever, not even gherkins. Now I like hunks of meat as much as the next man (makes sure next man isn’t E-Wing), but this was somewhat excessive. Also, I think my visit on Saturday to Bodean’s where I had an absolutely delightful and huge pulled pork sandwich and fries (and gherkin!) for only a quid more than BK was nagging away at the back of my mind…

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