Oct 03

Condiments I Have Known # 1: Pickapeppa Sauce.

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Condiments I Have Known # 1: Pickapeppa Sauce. A fairly recent discovery this, as there’s only one place in Brighton where you can buy the stuff. It’s imported from Shooter’s Hill in Jamaica and is made from tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, fruit, peppers and spices, then aged in oak barrels for a year. And now I’ve found it, there’s no going back. It’s amazing with cheese (better than Worcester sauce), but also does great things to chips, eggs, rice dishes, tomato sauces, most vegetables… It’s a bit like brown sauce I suppose, but hotter and fresher. Last night the resident Cook (who fell in love with Pickapeppa in Jamaica and is ecstatic at having tracked it down here) made a puff pastry mushroom tart thing and added Pickapeppa to the mix – a happy marriage of tanginess and melt in the mouth umami. I am told it can be a marinade as well but time is short and cheese on toast is quicker…

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