Oct 03

Another Mysterious Brand

Pumpkin Publog1 comment • 546 views

Another Mysterious Brand: except this one I do like. Tastes like nothing else, has heroically resisted the tides of ‘brand expansion’, has never IIRC changed its packaging, and you never see adverts for it. Every time I see it I’m disappointed that it’s made by evil Nestle rather than some stout-hearted family business in the Midlands run by a Mr.Caramac.


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    Rob M on 8 May 2008 #

    Caramac did try a slight brand extension a year or so back – they managed to make a Caramac Kit Kat. Yer basic 4 finger Kit Kat, covered in – you guessed it – Caramac. Very very sickly. It didn’t catch on.

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