Jun 01

Went to see my old MP

Pumpkin PublogPost a comment • 424 views

Went to see my old MP at the House of Commons last night, and am pleased to report that the Mother of Parliaments uses the Mother of all Hand Dryers.

Strangers Bar (which is where the plebs are allowed) is a great bar, mainly because you aren’t allowed to buy a drink yourself – only MPs and Parliament Staff can do this. I suspect this is under the terms of its licence as a Members Club, but part of me would like to believe that it is some quaint convention about buying an MP a drink being considered to be a bribe. That would ‘fit the model’ as it were – a pint and a packet of crisps risks corrupting the moral fibre of our legislators, but freebie jaunts all over the world and hotel bills paid for are perfectly acceptable. Sometimes, the truth disappoints…

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