Jun 01

Well it isn’t a pub

Pumpkin PublogPost a comment • 282 views

Well it isn’t a pub but I had a moment of great confusion in Hakkasan (posh restaurant off Tottenham Court Road – great location for a posh restaurant eh?). There were 2 doors, one with M and one with D. M is for Men, obviously, but what’s D for? Dames? Demoiselles? In actual fact it stands for Disabled. There was a third door I hadn’t seen with L on it. Maybe if I go back they will have an R for Retarded……..

Incidentally, the Ladies’ were so dark you could hardly see what you were doing (not that I get off on watching but this was ridiculous, you could barely see the bog roll). The Disabled bogs, on the other hand, were beautifully well lit.

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