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The Virtual Irish Pub

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The Virtual Irish Pub: as if real Irish theme pubs aren’t bad enough. On my visit there were forty benighted ‘virtual drinkers’, almost all of whom were congregated at the ‘Front Door’ area. No sign of any chat going on, though two individuals had gone to the – oh god my fingers can hardly type it – to the ‘Bedroom Area’ (yeah, I’ll be sure to ask for that next time I’m down O’Neills). To any frequenters of virtual pubs, let me pose a delicate question: why do you bother, you sad fuckers?


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    Guest on 28 May 2008 #

    You should see what it has become today in 2008 – its dead.
    The same old losers frequent with a few newbies in the secluded “uncensored” areas. A former shell thanks to the oldest loser of them all -‘Dennis the Menace’ aka Mark LMAO.
    Tainted forever – gone and certainly forgotten now by most.

  2. 2
    guest on 25 Jul 2014 #

    I miss the VIP tho, it was what internet used to be… slow loading, (mostly) friendly ppl… Greetz to Kitty Kat, Kestrel, Polar Bear… Miss you guys!

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