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#723, 8th July 1995

outhere2 A dilemma, here. On the one hand, the second Outhere Brothers number one is somewhat better than “Wiggle Wiggle” – it shouts at you less, for one thing. On the other hand, the very words “second Outhere Brothers number one” suggest we have left the borders of necessity far behind. The Brothers here sound a little less obnoxious, a bit more playful – nursery rhyme goofs instead of unabashed horndogs. They have better ideas, too – a breakdown early on that sounds like it might be going somewhere, with an atmospheric dancehall intro. But the basic approach, constipated rappers leching over ordinary beats, really hasn’t changed, and “Boom Boom Boom” outstays its welcome just as surely as “Wiggle Wiggle” did, so you send it on its way still wondering why it bothered us in the first place.



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  1. 1
    Tom on 26 Jun 2013 #

    The last three entries have hit (as of posting) 76, 87 and 193 comments. I am sure this will beat them all combined.

  2. 2
    Billy Hicks on 26 Jun 2013 #

    One of the last few number 1s – inexplicably given its longetivity – that I simply do not remember. My musical knowledge age 6 was almost entirely gleaned from either children’s television (CBBC/Blue Peter/Live & Kicking/whatever ITV were showing) or the radio. Top of the Pops very occasionally although by 1995, at least in my household, it was never a family viewing thing and was something that just happened to be on if it proved interesting enough in competition to the other three channels. This, despite a clean radio edit, was perhaps not seen much on any of those.

    Had it come out a few years later I’d have absolutely loved it, and I’ll be feverishly writing about the positives of a future bunnied #1 with one more ‘Boom’ than this one in four years time. Instead it wasn’t until about 2004 when I first heard it and immediately thought “It’s a bit No Limit/I Like to Move It, isn’t it?”. Fun and works better a track than Don’t Stop, just that little bit before my time to enjoy it further.

  3. 3
    mintness on 26 Jun 2013 #

    One Saturday afternoon, when this song was already fading from the public eye, a brave soul at St James’ Park took it upon himself to stand up and chant “Toon Toon Toon, let me hear you say ‘Why aye'”. No response of “Why aye” was forthcoming.

    If nothing else, I suppose this illustrates the popular culture crossover that “Boom Boom Boom” enjoyed compared with the Brothers’ previous appearance here. For that reason – and because it’s harmless, albeit fairly pointless too – I think I could also stretch to a 4.

  4. 4
    fivelongdays on 26 Jun 2013 #

    Whereas ‘Don’t Stop’ was basically about shouting about how much he loved blow jobs, this is more of a developed song – with a bloke shouting about how much he liked doing women from behind. Classy.

    However, it’s a catchy fucker, and after seven bloody weeks of Robson & Jerome, it came as a relief. I rather like it, and I think I’ll give it seven.

  5. 5
    Billy Hicks on 26 Jun 2013 #

    Addendum to 2 – Sneaking a look ahead, my memories *really* start to perk up in the autumn of 1995 for some reason and we abruptly switch from the “I remember a few” we’ve been in since about 1993 to “I remember almost all of them” from there on to present day. It’s quite a sudden step-up memory-wise, perhaps because of a bunnied battle, perhaps just because we’re about to reach a run of highly popular and well-played songs and perhaps simply because I’m reaching the age of 7, when hazy childhood memories become slowly but surely clearer. Can’t wait.

  6. 6
    MarkG on 26 Jun 2013 #


  7. 7
    thefatgit on 26 Jun 2013 #

    Ok so they’ve taken the very catchy and earwormy bassline from “I Like To Move It, Move It” and added some butt filth on it.

    Reel 2 Real’s hit was a great piece of Dancehall with a rap that was knowingly, comically sexist. Here the Outhere Brothers remove the “knowingly” and the “comically”. Bleurgh!

  8. 8
    Erithian on 26 Jun 2013 #

    #3 – funny you should say that, since on the day of England v Scotland in Euro ’96 I distinctly heard fans chanting “Say boom boom boom, and let me hear you say Gazza (Gazzaaaa)”. Which is the first time, but not the last, that particular tournament will be referenced on here.

    As for the song itself, marginally less moronic shite than their previous number one, but then everything’s relative.

  9. 9
    lonepilgrim on 27 Jun 2013 #

    whatever credit the catchy title phrase earns is thrown away with monotonous repetition – the rapping is pedestrian at best. I don’t remember it from back then I won’t remember it tomorrow.

  10. 10
    mapman132 on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Two good things about this record:

    1) It’s not Robson & Jerome

    2) It’s not “Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)”

    I was tempted to say those were the only two good things about it, but it’s actually not too terrible – maybe a 4 in my book. Unlike “Don’t Stop” it charted in the US (peak #65) and I even remember it getting some airplay at the time.

    On a more whimsical note, it seems like all the permutations of Boom have been represented at #1 at some point. We’ve already had Boom (Shake the Room) and now Boom cubed. Still to come: Boom^4, Boom squared (with a Pow added for good measure), and eventually the distant cousin Bom squared.

  11. 11
    Chelovek na lune on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Yeah, a bit (if only a bit) less of a non-song than their previous no 1 (although more irritating, because more memorable, in consequence).

    Erm…not Robson & Jerome, either.

    But…The main (perhaps, really, the only substantive) thing to be said in support of this record is that it really helps one appreciate, in comparison, how VERY superior, how much wittier, more charming and musically and vocally proficient to this, is the bunnied Vengaboys single with with the similar title. Which is quite an achievement, all things considered.

    Depraved and horrid, Way-oh.

  12. 12
    Izzy on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #3: I too once saw a thug (while this was in the charts, it was a preseason friendly) trying to start a ‘Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say Gazza’ chant, with equal lack of success. Nothing else to say about this record.

    #8: ha! Wow.

  13. 13
    23 Daves on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Did I mention on the other Outhere Brothers entry that they were booked to do a special show at my university’s graduation ceremony? Two songs in, somebody at the front grabbed one of the brother’s legs and pulled him over, and they left the stage in a huff never to return (although who knows, perhaps their set only consisted of two songs). Really, as an act they were an appalling choice for a student graduation ball – if they weren’t going to upset the feminists then they were surely going to upset the music snobs, and if they weren’t going to upset those then a drunken rugby boy was surely going to at the very least heckle them for being naff. As it turned out, they went one further and tried to tackle their dance routine instead.

    I have to say that “Boom Boom Boom” seemed to be everywhere in my neck of the woods whereas “Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)” was rather underplayed, which doesn’t seem to chime with anyone else’s experiences. I found it tolerable then and I still do now, although there’s absolutely nothing you can really get your teeth into.

  14. 14
    Cumbrian on 27 Jun 2013 #

    This kept Shy Guy by Diana King off the #1. This, in my view, is more cause for dismay than the Common People/Unchained Melody situation. Shy Guy is marvellous I reckon, particularly the clash between the patois of the verses and the brakes coming off in English for the bridge to the chorus which is never less than thrilling for me.

    Boom Boom Boom has more going for it than Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) but not by much – mostly I think this is down to the chorus. I’m a bit of a sucker for call and response though (give me Land of 1000 Dances or something similar though, please), so that will be my own biases speaking likely. It’s still much worse than the other chart toppers around this time mentioning the word Boom though, both Will Smith and a bunny to come, due to its blaring background and aggressively bad vocals – pretty much just like DS(WW).

    Oh yeah, and it kept the supremely overplayed and, as a consequence, highly irritating Alright off #1. I otherwise love Supergrass but if I never hear Alright again, that would be fine by me.

  15. 15
    James BC on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Seems very unfair that this doesn’t get more than Wiggle Wiggle, when it’s clearly better. I find this one actually enjoyable in the clean version, especially the “Geronimo, look out below” rap.

    #7 I Like To Move It Move It was great. It warms my heart to think that the Mad Stuntman is raking in royalties from the Madagascar films because of it.

  16. 16
    Mark G on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #10, If only Fat Larry’s band had gone with “Boom” instead of “Zoom”..

    #1, I dunno, we may be back down to Dream Weavers’ “It’s Almost Tomrrow” totals, I reckons.

  17. 17
    anto on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Around this time a lot of acts seemed to have two number ones in quick succession, even if as the review notes some were not exactly spilling over with promise.
    The only other thing I can find to say about the Outhere Brothers is that I don’t ever remember them being referred to by their first names (Clarence and Douglas) at any point during their abrupt 15 minutes. Ultimately the Chuckle Brothers had little to fear. You’ve either got it or you ain’t boys.

  18. 18
    punctum on 27 Jun 2013 #

    “Boom Boom Boom” musically has a slightly harder edge than its predecessor; a nod in its harsher, fuzzier tones, no doubt, to the then up-and-coming producer and remixer Erick Morillo, responsible inter alia for 1994’s spectacular “I Like To Move It” by Reel 2 Real and the Mad Stuntman, not a number one but a long-term chart resident, and “Them Girls, Them Girls” by the unlikely Zig and Zag. Otherwise, however, it’s the same old locker room jive as the first one, with its round booties and requests for kisses on their faces in a way which confirms which faces they mean. Were the Outhere Brothers a meme they would be “hyuk hyuk,” flicking towels as though they were peanuts.

  19. 19
    Chelovek na lune on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #13 Shudders at thought of them playing at university graduation ball. Mind you St Andrews was mostly ceilidh bands…

    But it was also my experience that Don’t Stop was (thankfully) played rarely, and this was played too often, also, although in the contex of North East Fife, probably only on the radio in either case, and in fact probably not that much either there. (Radio Tay had a jingle, I thnk not ironically, that boasted it played “every kind of music, from East 17 to Roxette”)

    #14 Absolutely agreed re Shy Guy. Fabulous summery record.

  20. 20
    Tom on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #15 yes, I fucked up the mark for the first one – overgenerous to a bad record – and so this suffers by direct comparison.

  21. 21
    will on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Funny how circumstances can cast some records in a positive light. Boom Boom Boom is indeed an immensely stupid song, but in July 95 I found its juvenility positively life affirming. Perhaps it was as others have mentioned the fact that it came directly after 7 weeks of granny music at Number One. But I think it was also that there were so many other great records around that summer that each reflected onto one another. Common People, Shy Guy, Alright, McAlmont and Butler’s Yes, God, even PJ and Duncan’s Stuck On U…Corona’s Try Me Out. UK dance music was still evolving into ever more interesting shapes and there was the revival in guitar pop that around this time began to be codified as, well, you know what.

    And perhaps most importantly there was the weather. It’s easy to be positive and see the good in everything when the sun is shining and it’s warm week after week after week.

  22. 22
    punctum on 27 Jun 2013 #

    and you’re not listening to crap like the Outhere Brothers.

  23. 23
    Tom on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #21 yes, it was a lovely summer. I bore this no ill will, because I bore the world no ill will.

  24. 24
    Patrick Mexico on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Spotify hosts this on a compilation called “LA Deep House.” Megalolz.

    Far less of an ordeal to listen to than Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle.)
    In fact this toasty/rappy/dancehally bit two minutes in is a bit of manic genius, in a perfect world it’d be channeling the spirit of George Clinton:

    “Geronimo, look out below
    Here comes the brother with the offbeat flow
    I just fell from the mothership
    Outhere Brothers ’bout to rip it on another tip, slip”

    But FFS, I’m so sorry for comparing the people who wrote “Maggot Brain” to this..

    “Girl your booty is so round
    I just wanna lay you down
    Let me take you from behind
    I won’t cum until it’s time”

    Techno by numbers. Obviously No Limit was, but its brilliance is in the fact that it doesn’t try too hard and its schtick isn’t based on sub-Inbetweeners innuendo from the end of the sixth form common room which spent less time thinking about music and politics* and more guffing in pint glasses and sticking clingfilm to the toilet seats.


    * Not necessarily a good thing, but just wanted to crowbar in a reference to the Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy. I thought it would establish my gangsta/hipster credentials, given the last time I made a similar pun on Popular it was based on.. wait for it.. 2wo Third3. I thought I Want to Be Alone from Christmas ’94 was a terrific parody of East 17 and the Pet Shop Boys, by uber-laddish ’90s comedians who got all the girls.. oh.

  25. 25
    Kinitawowi on 27 Jun 2013 #

    #14: Knew Shy Guy got to number 2 but couldn’t remember what stopped it. Damn, that was a beast of a song (and Bad Boys is comfortably the best thing Michael Bay will ever do with his life); that’d be about an 8 or so.

    This… is better than Don’t Stop in the same way that Neighbours is better than Home And Away. And at least the chorus has something anthemic about it (witness the aforementioned football chants), even if it’s the most half-arsed anthemic in existence. 4 is about right.

  26. 26
    Cumbrian on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Bad Boys is good (Bad Boys II is fit for the purpose of having something Hot Fuzz can rip off for its final reel) but my favourite Michael Bay film is probably The Rock – which I watched again last night on BBC Three. It’s mostly the dialogue though – I think I am right in saying that they got a whole boat load of people in to do polish work on it (including Quentin Tarantino, Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais amongst others – I think Aaron Sorkin might have had a hand in there too).

    What I think should be undisputed is that, of all of his films, Bad Boys is the one with the best tie in song. I’m listening to it again right now. It’s putting me in a good mood and I don’t think I can offer higher praise than that.

  27. 27
    Steve Mannion on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Was always hard to make the link between Shy Guy and Bad Boys tho – how did the song get on the soundtrack in the first place?

  28. 28
    weej on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Bad Boys II is the worst film I’ve ever seen. I had to cancel a night out with friends because it made me so angry.

  29. 29
    Patrick Mexico on 27 Jun 2013 #

    On the sleeve they look (right one) like Mike Tyson gone “Deliverance”, and (left one) like the man a certain Bolton comic calls Jason Z (OH MY DAYS WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE A BUNNY! NO FAIR!).. gone “Deliverance.” Don’t say it doesn’t warn you.

    Quite impressed with Shy Guy – covers a lot of hip early nineties bases especially ragga and New Jack Swing. Bizarrely, as a kid I thought it was the work of a male, bhangra/British-Indian “fusion” act. I don’t know, maybe Apache Indian covered it or something.

  30. 30
    wichitalineman on 27 Jun 2013 #

    Not sure if anyone has confronted this question yet, but… Outhere Brothers – what does that even mean?

    Oddly I only have the vaguest memory of Shy Guy, and had no idea it was such a big hit.

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