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Popular ’93

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The year that broke Popular! (nearly)

I gave every song a mark out of 10, now you can say which you’d have given 6 or more to, and reminisce about the year in general, post lists, discuss the merits of Back To The Planet, etc etc.

Which Of These 1993 Number Ones Are Any Good At All?

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  1. 31
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 19 Sep 2012 #

    Having a senior moment here, thinking “wtf, Billy Ray Cyrus covered a Throbbing Gristle song?!!!!¡¿??”

    “Achey Breakey Zyklon B Zombie”

  2. 32
    wichita lineman on 19 Sep 2012 #

    Re 26: pretty certain the terrace chant came with the PSB version. Village People orig was a relatively minor hit, virtually forgotten by the 90s when ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ became depressingly familiar. Sitting through the ’93 League Cup final between Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday was a singularly miserable experience.

    ps I like Arsenal, just not the George Graham era.

  3. 33
    Erithian on 19 Sep 2012 #

    Yes, agreed about “Go West”. Strange how some songs are adapted for football chants straight away while others are “sleepers” – certainly never heard reworkings of “Sloop John B” at football until recent years.

    I’m voting for four as well, with several others borderline at best. Not a great year.

  4. 34
    Cumbrian on 19 Sep 2012 #

    #32. Of course it was “1 nil to the Arsenal” that started it – I’d totally forgotten that. I had in my head the (much more vulgar) “you’re shit and you know you are” but that could just be because it was what I heard sung at us by the away fans at Brunton Park for years! Around now in Popular years was the high water mark for Graham’s Arsenal – a couple of league championships, success in the cups and they beat Parma in the (now defunct) European Cup Winner’s Cup Final. Of course the score was 1-0.

    Then the chant would get turned on it’s head for Arsenal the following year. “Nayim, from the halfway line”.

    If I never hear another football chant to the tune of Sloop John B it will be too soon. What on earth inspired that? Fairly certain it was Arsenal again (he scores when he wants, Robin Van Persie, he scores when he wants) but who picks this tune up and how is it disseminated around the terraces? At some point, some brave soul is going to have start a brand new song and hope he doesn’t get ridiculed right?

  5. 35
    wichita lineman on 19 Sep 2012 #

    There was a consciously retro/edgy use of Hello Hello I’m Back Again and Leader Of The Gang at Wingate & Finchley the other week.

  6. 36
    Erithian on 19 Sep 2012 #

    There’s a guy called Pete Boyle at United who’s the chantmeister-in-chief: he came up with “Eric the King” (“Lily the Pink”) back in the 90s and his latest promotion, addressed mainly to Arsenal fans and Wenger, is “Don’tcha wish your striker was RVP?” And many more in between including the rude one about Park Ji-Sung and Liverpudlian diets…

    Good choir following the ‘Leafe last Saturday though, Lino…

  7. 37
    Jimmy the Swede on 20 Sep 2012 #

    I think there were four ‘Leafey herberts at Erith and Belvedere last Saturday. But they were in good voice and they went home happy.

    Alex Ferguson (that well-known font of virtue) announced recently that there should be an end to United fans making “jokey” chants about Hillsborough as a quid pro quo for Scousers dropping references about Munich. Horrible histories.

    The Sloop John B thing is just as bizarre as the chant United picked up to The Entertainer a season or two ago. Why doesn’t everybody just stick to Son of my Father?

  8. 38
    Ed on 20 Sep 2012 #

    @34 I claim I was present for the birth of a new one: “Vi-era, whoa-oh”, to the tune of “Volare”. There was a guy a few rows behind us at Highbury who used to sing it at the top of his lungs, with absolute conviction, entirely solo. That went on for several weeks, and then gradually other people started to join in, and by the end of the season the whole stadium was singing it. (Including, by that point, me.) But he had to have the guts to persist for quite a long time on his own before anyone else went with it. In its original version it was quite sophisticated, with verses and everything (“when the ball hits the net like a big Jumbo jet, that’s Viera”), but it got dumbed down to achieve mainstream success.

    @31 I would have thought TG were absolutely kindred spirits with Billy Ray.

    Also, I think Miley may be modelling herself on Genesis P. See:


    and (on the right)


  9. 39
    swanstep on 20 Sep 2012 #

    @Lazarus, 20. My 4 were AoB, Gabrielle, Take That’s Babe, and Five Live.

    @wichita, 9. Thanks for that mix-link. I really like the first track, Bandulu’s Phaze In Version. Kewl.

  10. 40
    Steve Mannion on 20 Sep 2012 #

    Re jungle coverage in the music press, Muzik were actually fairly supportive of it from the off but the magazine didn’t start until ’95 so by then it was more of a thing generally. Rave-centric Eternity magazine may have been the biggest supporter but I didn’t start reading that until ’94.

    My own hazy memory is that Jungle as a term was still more controversial at this point and not quite the default/catch-all term to describe the flux state post-CJB breakbeat-based scene at this point. Some big tunes in that vein tho, ranging from euphoric fantasia to yer ominous vibes:

    Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need You) – LTJ Bukem Remix
    Orca – 4AM
    Emanation & The Magi – Everybody Say Love (The Prodigy Remix)
    The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream) and The Theme (which they aired a clip of on The Big Breakfast – amazing)
    Studio 2 – Who Jah Bless
    Rufige Kru – Terminator
    Foul Play – Finest Illusion
    DJ Solo – Darkage
    Bay-B-Kane – Rhythm ‘93
    Mole The Dipper – Ecstatic House
    DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect
    D-Force (aka RA and Mike again) – Ruff!!!
    DJ Trax – Infinite Vibes
    Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (Remix)
    Krome & Time – The Slammer
    XLR8 – Dub Plate
    Doc Scott – NHS (Remix)
    Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) and Mystic Stepper
    Nookie – Shining In The Darkness
    Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows
    Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune

    The last few of those were bigger in 94 tho. Hear all of those and a few more on a mix I did a while back if interested: http://www.mixcloud.com/ghostfood/ghost-food-ultramix-9306/

  11. 41
    thefatgit on 20 Sep 2012 #

    #31, #38, Things we’d like to see (part 458): Miley Cyrus performing “Hamburger Lady”

  12. 42
    wichita lineman on 20 Sep 2012 #

    Thanks Steve! The neighbours are going to love me. I spent most of yesterday listening to darker hardcore things like Scottie (which is pretty terrifying) and other things which are now ‘legendary’ but I have no memory of. I’m guessing much of what I heard on the radio in Clapton in early/mid ’93 would have been dubplates.

    So it seems I wasn’t alone in losing track of what to buy in ’93 (aside from Euro techno/2 Unltd/chart techno). I picked up the baton again with Renegade Snares and The Helicopter Tune which I’m guessing would have been in ’94 (and were d&b rather than jungle to my ears).

  13. 43
    Steve Mannion on 20 Sep 2012 #

    Always forget ‘Scottie’ – I see one release of it was backed with a track called ‘Golden Hen’. Looking forward to hearing that now :)

    A good way to join the dots and ID stuff I find is to look up tracks you do know on Discogs and then see what compilations they featured on around the time.

    It’s a good job I couldn’t really afford to buy many records in 1993, partly for the choice paralysis, yet one of the few cassettes I did splash out for was that first Jamiroquai LP – partly because I suspected I wouldn’t be able to copy it off anyone at school (unlike Pearl Jam, RATM, Pumpkins, Kravitz and other big rawk). One of the few others was 808 State’s ‘Gorgeous’ which felt like much more of a disappointment at the time.

  14. 44
    swanstep on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Wildly off-topic, but thought this political piece (from a few weeks ago) by Michael Kinsley on US VP-candidate Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand might amuse/be of interest. Recommended.

  15. 45
    Martin F. on 21 Sep 2012 #

    @38 The chorus of “That’s Amore” commandeered in lieu of the (actually rather lovely) verses of “Volare” itself? I welcome the dumbing-down that eliminated this travesty!

  16. 46
    Ed on 21 Sep 2012 #

    @45 You know, all these years and I’d never noticed that. Of course the aesthetes of the North Bank would have shuddered at such barbarism. My neighbour was just a few years ahead of his time, though: pretty soon they would have embraced it as mash-up culture.

    @41 ‘Hamburger Lady” could be a Miley Cyrus track, couldn’t it? With a cute video set in a middle school canteen. Maybe Joan Cusack as the hamburger lady? Might need to change the lyrics, though, I guess.

    @44 That is hilarious. The thing that got to me about Ryan was him saying that his iPod went all the way from AC/DC to Zeppelin. He’s 42 years old, for God’s sake. Zeppelin were past their peak before he could walk. He was 18 years old in 1988: his iPod ought to go from A.R. Kane to the Young Gods.

  17. 47
    Cumbrian on 21 Sep 2012 #

    #46: It’s good first half of the alphabetism too. Surely if his iPod went all the way from AC/DC to Zeppelin, he’s going to struggle to listen to anything past Led?

  18. 48
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Yes there was a brief burst of (politically skewed)* mockery in the US on that point — what kind of a dweeb spends the time needed to refile Led Zeppelin as Zeppelin, Led?

    *Skewed against procrastination, which is a sin all across modern politics.

  19. 49
    Mark G on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Maybe he means the Romanian hip hop group Zeppelin.

  20. 50
    enitharmon on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Only one vote from me I’m afraid. There were only two I had any recollection of at all and one of those would be a big round zero.

  21. 51
    Mutley on 21 Sep 2012 #

    @44: Another Paul Ryan wrote a UK #1 (although not in this chart) called Eloise and recorded it with his twin brother, Barry in 1968, and it was later covered by the The Damned. Unfortunately, that Paul passed away in 1992.

  22. 52
    thefatgit on 21 Sep 2012 #

    #46 Ed, I am sure if you took the title of the song at face value alone, you could imagine the video that you described. However, Genesis P. Orridge “wrote” (for he was quoting pieces of text from a letter from Blaster Al Ackerman) “Hamburger Lady” about a victim of an horrific car crash.

    I’d still love Miley to cover it though!

    (edit: reading back Ed, I guess you knew that already!)

  23. 53
    Ed on 21 Sep 2012 #

    @44 Also, if I were a top Democratic strategist, I would point out that he chose to name bands from Australia and the UK, and ask: why does Paul Ryan hate America?

    And what’s wrong with ZZ Top?

  24. 54
    Steve Mannion on 21 Sep 2012 #

    A lot less since they recently covered DJ DMD ft. Lil Keke & Fat Pat’s ’25 Lighters’

  25. 55
    Cumbrian on 21 Sep 2012 #

    And like good Republicans they did it for a film based around the military (Battleship) before selling it off for commercials (Jeremiah Weed).

  26. 56
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 21 Sep 2012 #

    The internet does seem to be saying ZZTop are Republican in bent: or at least that Republicans love the noise they make and feel they must be of the same flesh. Is there any less ambiguous evidence?

    I ask partly because one of their classic LPs is called “Deguello”, which is a bit like calling it “Remember the Alamo — which we LOST haha and everyone died horribly!” So — once upon a time at least — they had a fairly sardonic take on routine US military attitudinising.

  27. 57
    Cumbrian on 21 Sep 2012 #

    mmm. Dunno. I was being a bit flippant to be honest – and trying to tie it into the tangential discussion of Paul Ryan and that he should have mentioned them (as Ed pointed out at 53). I had no real idea of their politics. If I’d had to take a guess, based on the members of ZZ Top’s demographics and the fact that they’re Texan (? – or at least Southern), I’d have probably said that they were Republican – but using such generalisations is perilous.

  28. 58
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Related: what remains of Lyrnyrd Skynyrd — not actually that much — have apparently just recently apologised for using the Confederate flag on-stage, and promised not to any longer.

    (Disclaimer: I read this on the internet very recently, but can’t remember where.)

  29. 59
    Cumbrian on 21 Sep 2012 #

    Not much of Skynyrd has remained since October 20th 1977.

    Looking it up on Google – there’s a small article from the Wall Street Journal talking about it.

  30. 60
    lonepilgrim on 21 Sep 2012 #

    didn’t one of ZZ Top study with Pierre Boulez in Paris for a while?
    Fraternising with cheese-eating surrender mionkeys doesn’t sound like typical Republican behaviour

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