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Popular ’92

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I give a mark out of 10 to every track – this poll is for you to tick all the songs you’d have given 6 or more to, and you can discuss the year in general in the comments box.

Which of these Number Ones Of 1992 would you give 6 or more to?

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A year of few number ones, though it took me an age to finish. My highest marks were 8 for Shakespear’s Sister and Charles And Eddie; lowest was a 2 for Wet Wet Wet. Onwards!


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  1. 76
    thefatgit on 13 Dec 2011 #

    Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers “Monster Mash” stands out for me. 1962 might be a bit late for R&R parodies, but it’s really a parody of dance crazes than the music itself. It got the #3 slot in 1973 and has been a required feature of any Halloween party I’ve been to. Bobby Pickett has subsequently made a lucrative career from this one song or derivatives of it. It also works as a stand-alone pop song, which the best novelty records seem to achieve. I’d count “Yakety Yak” among those, definitely.

  2. 77
    Mark G on 13 Dec 2011 #

    There were novelty punk singles the very moment “Anarchy” was issued. jking, for one

  3. 78
    Weej on 14 Dec 2011 #

    What’s JK’s novelty punk single? None of his ’75-’76 releases seem to fit the bill. Perhaps it was a bit like this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELKb-lcW4e0&feature=player_detailpage#t=70s

  4. 79
    AndyPandy on 14 Dec 2011 #

    I’m surprised about the comments about disco above – I thought it was one of the (few?) musical developements when it was agreed on exactly what year it not only started (1974) and that it became very big (pop number 1’s etc) straight away (George McRae) by the end of 1975 it was so big there were already articles saying was it was on the way out. Little did they know!

  5. 80
    punctum on 14 Dec 2011 #

    #78: It was “God Save The Sex Pistols” by “Elizabeth.” Which wasn’t very funny.

  6. 81
    Mark G on 14 Dec 2011 #

    Yes. I’m assuming it wasn’t funny, never heard it.

    Mind you, as Jonathan King would doubtless be the first to tell you, he recorded a song called “Anarchy Rock” as a b-side to The Weathermen’s “Honey Bee keep on stinging me” (ooh if only!), back in 1971.

  7. 82
    punctum on 14 Dec 2011 #

    He also recorded a “punk” single in 1972 entitled “Supershit.”

  8. 83
    Weej on 14 Dec 2011 #

    Let’s not talk about him too much, he might turn up.

  9. 84
    wichita lineman on 14 Dec 2011 #

    He really might. Maybe here’s here already.

    Good spot FG, Monster Mash was the signified that the dance craze started by Chubby Checker was in decline. No hits for Chubby, Dee Dee Sharp, The Orlons or The Dovells – all Philly dance craze specialists – after MM.

    Is it ‘affectionate novelties’ I’m thinking of? Snidey ‘satire’, whether it’s J King or Stan Freberg, only tends to happen when a genre emerges. Not sure where Disco Duck fits into this pattern.

  10. 85
    wichita lineman on 14 Dec 2011 #

    Signifier, I meant.

  11. 86
    Mark G on 14 Dec 2011 #

    That’s probably it, yes: The “Think” sample of James Brown going “yeah, hoo!” never got used again after Bombalurina’s “Itsy bitsy”, also the “ah yeah” too,.

    Also, Aneka’s “Japanese Boy” killed the NME sponsored JapPop movement stone dead!

  12. 87
    lonepilgrim on 20 Mar 2012 #

    an article in this week’s edition of the New Statesman magazine identifies 1992, with John Major’s victory in the General election as the ‘end of socialism’ in the UK:

  13. 88
    wichita lineman on 5 Aug 2012 #

    Those Finnish 1992 no.1s in full:

    Good year for Felix. And Lithium at no.1! I’d like to hear Moogetmoogs. Neon 2 I’m guessing were a Finnish 2 Unltd-alike?

    Jan 20 The KLF – Justified & Ancient
    Feb 17 Moogetmoogs – Kolmen minuutin muna
    Mar 2 Hausmylly – Gigolo
    Mar 16 Popeda – Kersantti Karoliina
    Mar 30 Kurre – En rakkauttas saa
    Apr 13 J. Karjalainen – Telepatiaa
    Apr 27 ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas
    May 11 DJ Konnat – 9700-Irma
    May 25 Wilson Phillips – You Won’t See Me Cry
    Jun 8 Kaivo – Kun olet mennyt
    Jun 22 Erasure – Abba-esque
    Jul 20 Nirvana – Lithium
    Aug 3 Madonna – This Used to Be My Playground
    Aug 17 Shamen – L.S.I.
    Aug 31 2 Unlimited – The Magic Friend
    Sep 14 Neon 2 – Polku
    Sep 28 Felix – Don’t You Want Me
    Oct 12 East 17 – House of Love
    Oct 26 Neljä Ruusua – Juppihippipunkkari (Remix)
    Nov 9 Felix – It Will Make Me Crazy
    Nov 23 KCD – Simo Goes Poing!
    Dec 21 Colours – Help Us Back Home Sarajevo

  14. 89
    Ed on 5 Aug 2012 #

    The final Number One of 1992 presumably a comment on the Bosnian war, which began in April of that year.

    Colours, whoever they were, beating U2 and Pavarotti to the punch by three years.

  15. 90
    wichita lineman on 5 Aug 2012 #

    Yes, intriguing. The official British line was still “they’re all as bad as each other”, and would be for some years.

    The penultimate no.1 was presumably a comment on Gabber.

  16. 91
    thefatgit on 24 Nov 2013 #

    Kat of this parish is doing OneWeekOneBand again. She’s going to be talking all week about The Fall!!


  17. 92
    Lee Saunders on 26 Nov 2017 #

    Going through all the Popular 1992 threads (mostly a month ago but as I have no order to how I read things, I only just got round to finishing it now) has seen me reconsider Ain’t No Doubt and Sleeping Satellite. I’d known, or at least known of (and barely listened to) each song for a very long time thanks to 90s number one specials on music TV. I cared for neither but now I really quite love them both.

    Recently, 1992 has become something of an in-joke year for me among certain friends, someone connecting the dots that albums I have been hooked on relatively recently (Jehovahkill, certain compilations, and not for the first time, Nonsuch) from 1992, as well me going on about numerous hits, mostly rave hits, from the same year. My favourite singles of 1992 are mostly fall into the latter category (Don’t Go, Injected with a Poison, Trip to Trumpton), though some aren’t (Leave Them All behind, Motorcycle Emptiness).

    Favourite songs from 1992 which weren’t singles
    The Cure – This Twilight Garden
    XTC – Rook
    Disco Inferno – Love Stepping Out
    Julian Cope – Necropolis
    Ween – Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
    Peter Gabriel – Love to Be Loved
    Alianza – Santiago
    Aphex Twin – Heliosphan
    The Prodigy – Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2)
    Nicolette – O Si Nene

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