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GLENN MEDEIROS – “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”

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#612, 9th July 1988, video

Another summer hearthrob, another forgettable puddle of ice-cream and tears. Harmless Hawaiian himbo Glenn was promoted here as a kind of male Tiffany – same corn-fed origins and good-luck story. Like her, he’s not an especially good singer: unlike her, his plod through a devotional checklist doesn’t have the enthusiasm or lift to make it likeable. Maybe the arrangement can help? Nope: it’s a disaster – a key change that would shame Eurovision, greasy sax, and a session guitarist doing his freewheelin’ best to upstage Medeiros completely. A thoroughly grim experience.



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  1. 61
    Jimmy the Swede on 24 Jul 2010 #

    This is another one I have no idea about. Can never remember having ever heard it and probably wouldn’t recognise it now…or would I?

    But what about this? Look at the picture of this Medeiros lad and then tell me he’s not the spit of the kid who popped up in a couple of Clint’s Spag Westerns – a cheeky piss-taking lookout in “For a Few Dollars More” and then a shameless murder victim of Van Kleef’s in “The Good, The Bad…” If you don’t agree or you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll gladly get me coat.

  2. 62
    Lifes a Riot with Sully vs. Sully on 16 Dec 2012 #

    This is a horrendous record. Please tell me he’s taking the piss?

  3. 63
    Auntie Beryl on 24 Jan 2013 #

    #33: at the time they were queuing up behind Medeiros, Pepa was engaged to one of the Fat Boys.

    Hawaiians in Popular: We are not done yet. The lead singer of a bunnyable group we have yet to encounter hails from that state, but I can reveal no more, dontcha think?

  4. 64
    rabbitfun on 24 Jan 2013 #

    You better stick with that…

  5. 65
    rabbitfun on 24 Jan 2013 #

    …and just stay the way you are, because we are most certainly not done with the Hawaiians.

  6. 66
    Auntie Beryl on 24 Jan 2013 #

    Oh yes. Missed an obvious one there. Amazing.

  7. 67
    adelaide medeiros on 8 Apr 2014 #

    I. Hear. That. You. Got. Divorce. From. Your wife. Tammy. Armstrong. Your. Dog .is. gonna. Get. Better. How. Old..is..your.dog. l. Am. Your. Best.friend..from..timothy..renken.

  8. 68
    flahr on 19 Jun 2014 #

    RIP Gerry Goffin. I prefer “I’m Into Something Good”.

  9. 69
    Inanimate Carbon God on 6 Jan 2015 #

    Just watching the ad break for Broadchurch and this, of all things, rears its ugly head.

    Oh, Thinkbox, up yours!

  10. 70
    Gareth Parker on 6 May 2021 #

    I can actually tolerate this one. I would go with 4/10 here.

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