Jul 09

New Shiny Thing Syndrome

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I have built a Facebook Page for Popular. I will freely admit that I have not much idea of what I will USE it for: I’m thinking links to the entries, alerts to particularly interesting discussions developing on older entries, and any other material I happen to find of interest to fans of #1 hits. A use case will either evolve or not, I imagine. But anyhow there it is and you can now become a “fan”.


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    j. on 4 Jul 2009 #

    how worthwhile is it to try to have orgafun in some different organization when there are already plenty of existing ones, is the question i think you might be pausing over.

  2. 2
    Tom on 4 Jul 2009 #

    Well, the truth is, I need to play around with FB more for work purposes, and this seemed a good way of doing it. I do see a few things I think might be of interest to Popular, and I don’t like interrupting the flow of the entries with other links, etc. (I’ll delete this entry once people have seen it.) And Twitter’s turned out to be good at cross-promoting the site, so maybe this will be too!

  3. 3
    Chewshabadoo on 5 Jul 2009 #

    Speaking of Facebook, every time I try and join the Poptimists group, a pop-up tells me: “group membership is restricted”. Is this intentional?

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