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PWC14: Group E Match 2 (France, Honduras, Ecuador, Switzerland)

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mckenzi Group E’s second game sees France (managed by Jessica) looking for the win that will see them through to the knockout phase. Giant-killers Honduras (Kat) will be trying to build on their fine early start, with Ecuador (Megan) and Switzerland (Mullah Rezmat) hoping for improved second-game fortunes.

Click through for the tracks, the poll (pick 2 of 4), and results from Group C.

FRANCE: Indila feat. Black M — “Dernière danse”
Current Points: 3

“The French manager was pleasantly surprised to win the first group match. But the other three will be redoubling their efforts; this is no time to get complacent. Let’s switch up the roles a bit — now the female voice, in this case Indila, is leading the attack, with Black M of Sexion d’Assaut providing support — and exhort Les Bleus to play as if each game is their very last. Will it work? Does the track’s sense of dread update French cool, or diminish it? Either way this squad is on the pitch to play.”

HONDURAS: Xpansul & Alessio Mereu – “Moldy Oscillator”
Current Points: 2

“The beaches of Honduras see plenty of sun-kissed open-air raving, so it’s no great surprise to discover True Type Tracks, a cracking techno label based on the island paradise of Utila. Xpansul is the head honcho of the operation; he and his label mate Alessio have happily ignored the lovely weather outside and instead served up some wonky old bosh that could probably cure several types of bacterial infection if you put it in a petri dish.”

ECUADOR: Sunshine And The Mackenzi Sound – “We Are All Alone”
Current Points: 1

“Team Ecuador returns a legitimate threat: murder. Don’t let the folksy sweetness of Sunshine and the Mackenzi Sound fool you, “We Are All Alone,” with great exuberance, draws a scene of domestic dysfunction, champions matricide, and departs, cooing “I can’t be painted on your wall/I’ll be flying away but I will be happy.” It’s a charming entrant in the jailbird pop genre.”

SWITZERLAND: Sophie Hunger – “Le Vent Nous Portera”
Current Points: 0

“Bellow like a BEHEMOTH then swing like a SQUEE er TWEE um HOTTIE no wait shut up for YES your puny submontane outlander LINGUISTICISM cannot encompass the rich etruscan swiss delicacy of this formation making you in a very real sense YET AGAIN the loser bcz YES

The World This Time
The Polyverse”


E2: Which TWO Tracks Do You Pick?

  • FRANCE: Indila ft Black M 67%
  • HONDURAS: Xpansul 52%
  • SWITZERLAND: Sophie Hunger 52%
  • ECUADOR: Sunshine & The Mackenzi Sound 17%

Total Voters: 54

Poll closes: 13 Mar 2014 @ 13:00

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RESULTS: After a thumping in their opening game, Greece stormed back to top the second Group C poll. They still have a tough job ahead of them to get past Cote D’Ivoire, who coolly picked up a second 2-point score, and Japan, who dominated the first game but slipped to third, and 1 point, here. Colombia are in trouble – with no extra points they’ll need a big win and hope other sides slip up. It’s mathematically possible, but only just. Current standings. JAPAN: 4 points. COTE D’IVOIRE: 4 points. GREECE: 3 points. COLOMBIA: 1 point.


  1. 1
    thefatgit on 6 Mar 2014 #

    Straight in, France show us they can adapt the example of Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul to suit their own formation. Then our chanteuse gets a bit torchy for long periods. I’d like to see a bit more Black M on the ball. They might have done enough here to scrape through.

    Honduras does exactly what it says on the tin. Very much in the tradition of early 90s techno, then like the world’s largest anchovy on the world’s smallest pizza, in comes that oscillating siren like a drunken ambulance and players are throwing up their gatorade in the centre circle. Nothing new or engaging here. “Wonky bosh” indeed.

    Ecuador once had a girl or should I say…you can see this kind of play from half a world away, but those lyrics are wonderfully dark. I find myself singing along after a couple of plays, so this is a grower then. Top marks there, Ecuador.

    Switzerland play a Radiohead formation that meanders pleasantly but seems to go nowhere, especially anywhere near goal. There’ll be a few teacups flying when the manager gets hold of his team after this round.

  2. 2
    lonepilgrim on 6 Mar 2014 #

    France start slowly before their defence marshals the team into a more attacking approach. The striker looks a bit fragile though.
    Honduras demonstrate pinpoint passing and endurance but risk being a little predictable.
    Ecuador slow things down and mix things up but I’m not sure if the team are all on the same page. Players out of position leave gaps that can be exploited by their opponents.
    Switzerland drift drearily across the pitch like a damp Alpine mist. There’s a consistency to their approach that contrasts favourably with Ecuador and which may see them nick a goal.

  3. 3
    Tom on 6 Mar 2014 #

    The Honduras game was just halted on order of my wife for terrifying a guinea pig.

  4. 4
    Chelovek na lune on 6 Mar 2014 #

    Honduras – not the first track in this World Cup to nod back affectionately to the famous Positiva Records campaign of 1994, but the other one sounded rather less like the rush hour on the Tegucigalpa Ring Road set to a beat. Hypnotic, in a waiting for another red light to turn green, Breathing In Fumes Far From Basildon kind of way. Too featureless to score, though.

    Ecuador – Hmm, the knife in the sweet biscuit route. (Or as we say in Russia, the polonium-in-the-tea-at-a-Piccadilly-hotel menu) The ref doesn’t like that. And after a few minutes neither do the crowd. They are not taken in by the pretty appearance of form that hides some of the dirtiest fouling yet seen here.


    Switzerland: QUALITY STREET.

  5. 5
    Kat but logged out innit on 7 Mar 2014 #

    Rumours that the Honduran team have been upping their lactic acid tolerance to breaking point are completely unfounded. Our muscle mass is ultimately hardcore and will crush calmly surpass the twee defence of our opponents.

  6. 6
    Tom on 7 Mar 2014 #

    Having shooed the guinea pig off the pitch the game was allowed to continue.

    It’s a tale of two subs here – that trumpet for Switzerland and that, er, whatever it is for Honduras. The Swiss changeover gives their game a big lift – with the addition of their horn-blowing playmaker a rather defensive formation makes beautiful sense. A goal to the good they can shut up shop successfully for the rest of the match.

    On the other hand, the Honduran noisemaker’s unorthodox play comes close to wrecking his teammates’ patient build-up. He wastes possession, gets it back, hogs the ball, goes for glory – it’s in the bag – no, that was way offside, and he’s gone and got himself carded for taking his shirt off too.

    Like the Russian boss, I wasn’t at all keen on the Ecuadorian tactics, but it’s not a formation I tend to enjoy anyway. So, while there are no easy games in pop football, this one came quite close – for the second match running, les Bleus get a vote without really having to move up the gears. I agree Black M’s workrate leaves a bit to be desired here, but his assists are crucial and Indila seems more than competent to lead the line. The knockout stages might just beckon.

  7. 7
    lartsaegis on 7 Mar 2014 #

    1. Honduras
    2. France
    3. Swiss
    4. Ecuador

    1. As a side that’s added a good percentage of techno to this tourney, I gotta say that while this side risks clotting up the genre for the rest of us and itself, that it’s quite refreshing to hear such strong movement here and work so well, or well enough. It seems the androids over heat in the middle of the track, but after a bit of a timbral cool down, they reset right into the same strong gear. In spite of said hole in the defense, the rest of it is super solid, and I don’t think any of the other tracks out for this round can deliver nearly as well in terms of consistency along pleasure centers for me. Top billing here.

    2. I’m afraid France gets sort of a pass with their play. I’d have liked to hear Black M do more if only just to vary how samey Indila sounds — she sounds like she’s featuring on her own song. It’s a more engaging bid that the other two tracks, however.

    3. A change was needed to ensure the Swiss side’s success, but I’m not sure this was the move they needed. While I really admired the energy they showed in the first round, it seems like going to the other extreme doesn’t fare them as well either. It’s interesting, but it’s hard to say whether or not it’ll find more favor with the fans here. I was expecting some Julie Christmas type stuff, at least. *kanye shrug*

    4. Wasn’t into Ecuador’s stylings — seem to be too lackadaisical for teams with more energy.

  8. 8
    dorsalstop on 8 Mar 2014 #

    Honduras and France take the points for me. While I can enjoy Switzerland’s style, I’m saddened by them having to bring on a naturalized Frenchman – a veteran at that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrgcRvBJYBE

  9. 9
    Ed on 10 Mar 2014 #

    Francophones carry the day here, with the excellently-named Sophie Hunger earning her right to wear the shirt and to use some creepy stills in her video.

    The really scary performance here is from France, though, who blend silk and steel perfectly and make it all look effortless. They are shaping up to go deep into this competition, as the Americans like to say.

  10. 10
    Billy on 11 Mar 2014 #

    A study in contrasts in this round.

    Honduras get plenty of balls in the box but can’t find the killer touch needed to get on the score sheet.

    Ecuador charm and play some nice one-two’s but squander their possession in a Dodgy blowout towards the end.

    Which leaves France and Switzerland. A strong team performance from France, especially from the forwards, who must be booking their hotel in the knockout stages. The Swiss have clearly been taking some tips from them and go with a surprisingly effective passing game which sneaks by in injury time to usurp the Ecuadorians.

  11. 11
    Erithian on 12 Mar 2014 #

    Tom, I was intrigued by the other two subs – the way the French played it around prettily then brought on a burly rugby prop forward to beef things up a bit. Didn’t help the overall play but an interesting move.

    Ecuador meanwhile brought on Nick Cave to bolster the midfield, and the variety and invention in their play meant they banged in a couple and their fans were doing the Poznan long before the end.

    Switzerland were calm and assured, the beautiful game channelled towards goal and found the target – two points from me.

    And as the whistle blows and the fans troop off towards the pub, the cleaners come along to sweep the stands only to find Honduras still out on the pitch pinging the ball around and not even approaching the goal, but still thinking it’s innovative play.

  12. 12
    Garry on 12 Mar 2014 #

    Switzerland have the makings of the first slow tactics to win in this World Cup. They absorb all the other teams throw at them before sneaking a goal at the end. Less smash and grab than sneak and pillage.

    Honduras has the other win thanks to their pleasing nostalgic energy.

    France’s tactics have been very popular this World Cup but it’s losing some effectiveness here. Other teams have has crisper passing and more dangerous goal threats.

    Finally Ecuador seem to have seen read about Nick Cave without seeing him play. They might like to think they are murdering the opposition but in reality that are being held off at arms length and punching air. It’s very pleasing punching but not enough to land a goal in this round.

  13. 13
    Tom on 13 Mar 2014 #

    France through at a canter to the knockout stages. Honduras well placed to follow them but a slip up could let either of the other sides through.

  14. 14
    katstevens on 13 Mar 2014 #

    The Honduran management are very happy to come away with a point (and a half?) from this match. Hopefully the guinea pigs won’t sue for emotional trauma.

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